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Cost of HVAC Services in Colorado

When your home’s or business’s heating and cooling system is malfunctioning, the first thought for many of our customers is often the impact the repair process will have on their budget. Many people imagine that the cost of HVAC services in Colorado will be much higher than it actually is, particularly for commonly-needed repairs. In truth, many heating and cooling problems can be corrected easily and inexpensively when you address them promptly.

Affordable Plumbing, Heat, and Electrical specializes in quality service and cost-effective solutions that are kind to both you and your budget. We always choose the most efficient repair methods possible to ensure that your problem is fully corrected without any excess time or expense. Your satisfaction is our highest concern, so we do everything we can to provide premium service at a reasonable rate.

While HVAC services are generally affordable for most people, knowing the typical range for repairs costs can help you budget for your service more effectively. Here is some information on the rates on some typical heating and cooling repair services and the factors that go into determining your final rate. With this information, you can plan for a needed repair so you won’t be taken by surprise.

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Air Conditioning Repair Costs

Air conditioning may have once been a luxury for only a few, but today most people have A/C in their home or business to help keep the environment cool and deal with humidity and allergens. When the A/C isn’t working properly, it not only makes everyone uncomfortable but can also pose health risks to people with health conditions such as asthma or COPD. Fortunately, many air conditioning problems can be quickly and easily repaired by our expert technicians to keep your AC unit working longer. For a typical AC repair service in Colorado, the average cost ranges between $150 and $500, with the median right around $330. The cost of the repair largely depends on whether you’ll need additional coolant and how much you’ll need; the coolant is one of the most expensive aspects of a repair due to the cost of the refrigerant itself and the regulatory costs related to its handling and disposal. If you don’t need your coolant topped off, your repair cost will be significantly less. Some repairs, such a fuse replacement, will be well below the average, so you’ll enjoy considerable savings.

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Air Conditioning Replacement Costs

When your AC unit can no longer be repaired, Affordable Plumbing, Heat, and Electrical is equipped to efficiently replace it with a new model. The cost for an AC replacement varies based on the size of the condenser unit, the accessibility of the installation area, the effort required to remove the failed unit, and other related factors. In the Denver area, the range for AC installation runs from $3000 to $6000, and the average is just over $4000. Large-capacity AC units will be toward the higher end of the price range, whereas a more modest model will be less expensive. Likewise, ease of installations will play a role: a unit that must be installed on a roof or basement will be much more costly than an exterior model that stands on a platform just outside the home.

Furnace Repair Costs

In the Denver area, an efficiently-working furnace is a must, and we’re ready to help any time your heating malfunctions with cost-effective repair services. The average cost for a furnace repair in our area is about $300, ranging between $100 and $400 normally. If you just have a clogged gas valve or burner, the cost will be toward the bottom end, and these types of inexpensive problems are common. A failed ignitor, sensor or circuit board costs a little more to replace but are still relatively affordable. A faulty blower or heat exchanger are the most costly problems, and many find that at this point, replacement may be a better option. You can often avoid these issues with regular furnace maintenance to clean out buildup and re-lubricate components, keeping your repair costs low and your furnace working longer.

Furnace Replacement Costs

At some point, every furnace becomes more expensive to repair than to replace and it’s time to choose a new model. Affordable Plumbing, Heat, and Electrical offers a selection of excellent furnace options at reasonable prices, and we can efficiently install your new unit for a complete solution. Furnace replacement in Denver costs between $2500 and $6000, depending on the capacity you need and the difficulty of installation. Like A/C replacement, larger units are most costly than smaller ones, and units that must be installed in hard-to-reach areas will take longer and cost more than others. Furnace costs also vary based on the type of fuel used and the type of heat transfer, such as forced air, steam, floor heat, etc. Make sure you discuss your unique needs with our expert technician so that we can recommend the best option for you. Other HVAC Service Costs

The A/C condenser and furnace are the largest and most important parts of your HVAC system, but there are other components that require occasional attention to keep your system working effectively. Routine duct and vent cleaning clears obstructions and buildup from the airflow system to help more heated or cooled air reach your living areas. Duct cleaning costs from $200 to $400 and makes a significant difference in the function of your climate control.

The thermostat is another common culprit when your heating or cooling system isn’t working correctly. This little sensor system controls when your units turn on and off, and a faulty thermostat can keep them from working correctly or even stop them altogether. Thermostat repair or replacement costs as little as $80 to as much as $350 if you have a wiring problem that requires reconnection to your HVAC system.

Your chimney is another important part of your heating system that requires regular maintenance. Chimney soot narrows the outflow of noxious gases, which can then buildup in your home to cause sickness or even death. A chimney cleaning costs $100 to $200 and should be completed once a year for the safety of you and your family. Affordable Plumbing, Heat, and Electric has a wide range of effective, reasonably-priced HVAC services for our valued customers in Colorado. Call us today to discuss your needs and get a detailed quote.

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