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Tree Root Invasion

Most people do not know that tree root invasion is one of the leading causes of pipe problems. At Affordable Plumbing, Heat & Electrical, we specialize in a variety of pipe services that include removing tree roots and restoring your pipes that have been damaged by them. Our industry professionals have serviced the areas of Aurora, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Denver for over 20 years. If your property has one of more trees on it, it is beneficial to call your local professionals to inspect your pipes for potential problems as well as repair your pipes if they are already experiencing issues. We are always standing by and ready to assist you in the most effective way possible.

What is Tree Root Invasion?

When most people think of pipe problems, the first thing that comes to mind is usually clogs or blockages caused by debris and scale buildup. Tree root invasion is an extremely common cause of pipe problems that can lead to costly repairs or full-replacement of areas of your pipe system. Tree roots invade your pipes when they recognize moisture and nutrients coming from leaking, cracked, or fractured areas of your pipe system. As they grow, they wrap themselves around your pipes, eventually invading them completely, invading water and waste flow.

Colorado Springs Tree Root Invasion

Signs of Your Pipes are Invaded by Tree Roots

Our team understands that it can be hard to identify when your pipes are invaded by tree roots because they are often out of sight. However, there are ways to tell if your pipes are suffering from tree roots that have taken up residence within your pipes. Visible signs that can indicate tree root intrusion include, but are not limited to: slow flushing drains, sewer backup, toilet overflow, low water pressure, and especially moist areas around your property. It is important that areas like Aurora, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Denver that trees do not have to be completely removed to restore pipe problems which is why our team can provide customers with practical solutions to pipe invasion.

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Solutions for Tree Root Invasions

While tree roots may seem difficult to remove from your pipes, we can rehabilitate your pipes in a way that best meets your needs. First, tree roots can be removed from your pipes with sewer camera inspection and hydro jetting. Sewer camera inspections allow us to find the exact located where roots have invaded your pipes. Hydro jetting is a drain cleaning service that uses high-pressure clean water to break up the roots and flush them down your drain. Second, when your pipes are clear of tree roots, they will need to be repaired to ensure the tree roots don’t reinvade your system. Trenchless pipe lining is the best method for repair because it allows us to create a brand-new epoxy pipe within your existing one. The lining process involves a liner saturated with epoxy resin being pushed through the damaged area of your pipe whether that is one section or the length of your system. The liner is left in place for several hours to cure-in-place and when it is done, it is removed revealing a new pipe that is ready for immediate use.

If you have any questions about tree root invasion or would like to schedule an appointment to inspect your pipes, call our team of knowledgeable associates today.