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Aurora is a sprawling area positioned near the bustling airport. At Affordable Plumbing & Heat, we work hard to service these industries and ensure that their a/c systems and drain lines continue to operate smoothly.

Plumbing Services

HVAC Services

Sewer line maintenance ranges from periodic cleaning to pipe excavation, depending on the condition of the pipes. Our team at Affordable Plumbing, Heat & Electrical provides clients with top quality drain cleaning and excavation services, tailored to many sewer and plumbing problems. Where pipe excavation is a more intensive repair service, drain cleaning may restore pipes to a better than new condition. Routine pipe inspections and cleaning can prevent ruptures and cracks that require our expert plumbers to conduct dig-and-replace pipe excavations. However, we offer competitive rates and services for both cleaning and excavations, as industry leaders in the Aurora area.

Professional Drain Cleaning Services

There are numerous reasons for drain clogs that occur quite frequently in the homes of Aurora residents. The obvious symptoms of clogged drains include standing pools of water in sinks and drains, obstructions to water flow in sewer lines, and frequent flooding from toilets. It takes a lack of maintenance for a backed-up sink to affect the main sewer line. A clogged drain does not always indicate a severely backed up sewer line. In the case of a major or minor drain clog, Affordable Plumbing, Heat & Electrical conducts a pipe inspection to pinpoint the cause. Once a thorough inspection is completed, we will provide your Aurora property with a lasting solution to your drain problems

Clogged drains, if ignored, may lead to a plumbing catastrophe. Luckily, our plumbers offer swift and efficient methods to cut through grime and restore water flow in sewer line systems. hydro jetting is an affordable way of drain cleaning that involves a powerful blast of water which extends through the network of pipes. Like hydro jetting, descaling pulverizes grime with chains that maneuver through the sewer line system. These drain cleaning methods are available to our Aurora clients—depending on the age, durability, and severity of clogs in pipes.

Sewer Repair and Replacement in Aurora, CO

Sometimes, due to age or environmental conditions, sewer line systems breakdown and require hands-on repairs. Like drain clogs, broken pipes produce a number of signs that need to be addressed sooner than later. Stagnant water near basement or outdoor pipes, the presence of vermin, and badly clogged toilets may indicate broken pipes. Construction, earthquakes, and invasive tree roots are all common causes of sewer cracks and severed pipes. In the case of these plumbing emergencies, Affordable Plumbing, Heat & Electrical dispatches a team of plumbing specialists to forge a plan of action regarding pipe excavations.

Pipe excavations may sound like a daunting process for Aurora homeowners. In reality, the process is much more technical and punctual than one may imagine. Depending on the level of damage to sewer lines systems, our plumbers may strategically excavate a single pipe or multiple pipes. Either way, we locate an access point and accurately remove the pipe from the ground. Once the pipe is detached and a new one is put in its place, we patch up the trench with minimal disruption to front and back yards. This service completely mends sewer line systems and may involve pipe cleaning to restore sewer lines to a better-than-new condition.

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Affordable Plumbing, Heat & Electrical not only cleans pipes and mends sewer line systems—but offers a variety of other services including air condition and water heater maintenance. Call us today to hear more about our competitive rates, services packages, and general advice about sewer line repairs. We provide a wide range of quality services in Colorado Springs and Denver Metro Areas, including: