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CIPP Lining Aurora CO

When the plumbing at your Aurora property is malfunctioning, it can be a stressful experience – and one you probably didn’t budget time or money for. A typical dig-and-repair sewer repair project can interrupt your normal routine for weeks, and destroy your carefully maintained landscaping or hardscaping.

At Affordable Plumbing, Heat & Electrical, we don’t think you should have to go through the headache of a traditional repair experience. That’s why we’ve invested in the equipment to provide cured-in-place pipe lining – a high-tech fix for any sewer and plumbing problem that requires no excavation on your property.

Aurora Colorado CIPP Lining

What Is CIPP Lining?

Cured-in-place pipe, abbreviated CIPP, is a trenchless plumbing solution that is ideal for Aurora, CO home and business owners. The process is based on a sleeve saturated with a specially formulated resin that the technician pulls into the existing pipe, then inflates, allowing the resin to coat the interior walls of the pipe. Once in place, the resin cures within several hours, creating a durable, seamless pipe within a pipe.

Aurora CO Sewer CIPP Lining

Benefits of CIPP in Aurora

Here are some of the many advantages of fixing sewer pipes with our trenchless CIPP technique.

  • CIPP Is Flexible: We can use CIPP to repair most types and diameters of pipe, including PVC, Orangeburg, cast iron and clay.

  • CIPP Is Environmentally Friendly: Since the system works underground to repair the existing pipe from the inside out, the process involves very little digging. That also means we need less fuel and equipment to complete the project. And, because we incorporate the original pipeline in the repair, we are extending the life of those materials by at least 50 years.

  • CIPP Saves You Time and Money: Traditional sewer repair is infamously costly in terms of both your time and your bank account. By creating a new sewer line pipe inside the existing pipe, Affordable Plumbing can save you hundreds of dollars. We can also typically complete a trenchless repair and get your plumbing back on track within just a day or two, which is a significantly shorter turnaround time than traditional sewer line replacement.

  • CIPP Materials Are High-Quality: The materials we use for CIPP in Aurora are durable and long-lived, usually even more so than traditional plumbing materials. When you choose trenchless CIPP repair from Affordable Plumbing, you’ll get a new sewer line you won’t have to worry about repairing or replacing for many decades.

  • Trenchless CIPP Preserves Curb Appeal: After a traditional sewer repair is complete, Aurora property owners still can’t sit back and relax, because now they have a new problem on their hands: hiring a landscaping company to fix all the damage on their property. CIPP repairs avoid the chaos and cost of that scenario. As a minimally invasive repair method, trenchless lining requires our technicians to dig small, virtually undetectable access holes to feed the new pipe lining into the damaged pipe. You won’t have to worry about a backhoe tearing out your patio, and you can relax and enjoy your new and improved sewer system with as little destruction as possible.

Expert Plumbing Repair Without the Hassle

At Affordable Plumbing, our priority is to resolve our customers’ sewer and drain issues so they can get back to their normal lives as soon as possible. Contact us today to learn about CIPP repair options that won’t destroy your yard or your budget. We work with residential and commercial property owners throughout Aurora, Colorado and the surrounding areas.