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Sewer Repair Boulder CO

Here at Affordable Plumbing and Heat, we understand that price is definitely a concern when you’re considering which company you want to repair your sewer pipes or lines. So is a repair and not a full replacement.

Why sewer repair and not replacement

Sewer repairs are oftentimes much cheaper and much more efficient than full replacements, even done trenchlessly and without much labor. Here at Affordable, we offer both residential and commercial services, which means no matter what you need, we’re there for you. We strongly recommend sewer repair instead of replacement if you have grease deposits from food or cooking in kitchens; if you have food or organic waste clogged inside your pipes; or if you have bathroom materials that have become clogged inside those lines. With sewer repair, replacements, in these cases, are not necessary.

Boulder Colorado sewer repair

Repair options

Here at Affordable, we offer two main types of repairs: pipe bursting, and pipe lining. Both of these options are great for resolving clogs, leaks, cracks, or other damages. We first begin with a camera inspection to figure out exactly what is wrong with your pipe, and what’s causing the damage.

If your pipe needs a more legitimate repair option for long-term, then we will complete a pipe lining. Pipe lining is a durable epoxy resin that cures over the course of a few hours and can remain in place for well over thirty years. It’s also easy to maintain via regular drain cleaning services, which are often quick and easy.

If your pipe is cracked, invaded by tree roots, or easily clogged, we will offer you a pipe burst. A pipe burst is the process of inserting a pipe into your pipe where the crack or leak is, and effectively replacing the pipe with little to no internal or external damage done. The process is seamless, harmless to your property, and easy to complete.

Boulder CO sewer repair

All processes are completed usually through pre-existing entry points like storm drains or other access points throughout your home. However, any excavation necessary is very minimal and costs very, very little to repair.

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