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4 Questions About Property Lines

The importance of knowing where your property lines are.

When you look at your house do you know what is yours and what is not? When it comes to property lines, most people do not actually know where their lines start and end. However, knowledge of this is extremely beneficial to any homeowner. Not knowing the precise dimensions of your most valuable asset can lead to a variety of problems. Sometimes people tend to get surprised by how much of their land is owned by the state, especially in subdivisions. If you are selling a home, you do not want any unexpected surprises to come up when you discover that the size of the land you have been pitching to your potential buyers is off by several feet.

Why do property lines matter?

Property lines matter because you want to know what is yours in case you have want to improve your lawn or what is underneath it. For example, you do not want to plant or place a tree on land that is not yours. Homeowners often rely on anecdotal evidence, such as their real estate agent or the visual markers that border a property to delineate their property. Some people think that they can use GIS information or even Google Earth to ascertain where their lines are, but one should never make assumptions about where their lines are. Boundaries are important so you know what you are responsible for maintaining.

What are property surveys?

Lenders and title insurers usually require you to get your property surveyed before purchasing a home. After all, lenders want to know what they are lending money on, and title insurance companies want to know what they are insuring. When you purchase a home or piece of land, the title company leading the real estate transaction will request a copy of the property survey at some point. Surveys are significant to the home buyer because it will clearly identify property boundaries and legal points of which to be aware.

How do I go about getting a property survey?

Hiring a professional to take a more formal account of your property is often viewed as the best, most accurate option. They will use precise measuring tools, mapping systems, and they will consult any old surveys completed on the property to access your boundaries. You can find a property surveyor by simply searching the web or asking for recommendations.

There are two main types of residential property surveys:

  • House Location Survey

This is a very basic type of survey and typically is the least expensive option. It will reveal the location of the home and other large structures on the property. Many home buyers get this type of survey when they go to close on the sale of the home.

  • Boundary Survey

For a more detailed survey, you will want something called a boundary survey. These are the most common ones used in establishing boundaries, particularly to protect you against any disputes later on. This will include precise measuring and marking of your property so there is no question where your property begins and ends.

How are property lines beneficial when it comes to my sewer system?

Sometimes sewer systems get old or have certain problems such as tree roots. When problems like these arise, it is extremely beneficial to know where your property lines are so you can fix the issue properly. You do not want to fix something that you think is on your property but in reality should actually be your neighbor’s problem.

Know where your property lines are.

We recommend having knowledge of your property lines. If you are having questions about your property lines, call a professional. For any issues regarding your plumbing and sewer system, do not hesitate to call Affordable Plumbing and Heat.

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