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Buying A New Air Conditioner: 4 Tips

Keep Cool with an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

High Temperatures mean air conditioners will be working hard this summer! Maybe you even need to replace one that is no longer doing the job for your home?

If you want to save money, improve efficiency and save energy consider some of these tips before you purchase an air conditioning unit.

Capacity: Unit Size in relationship to the space you are cooling

Your first priority is to determine what size air conditioner you need for your home or your space. The capacity of an air conditioner is measured in BTU’s, or British Thermal Units. You don’t want to purchase a unit that is too large for your space as it will waste energy and cost more to purchase. Just determine the square footage of the space you want to cool then use this handy chart to determine how many BTU’s you need when you purchase your new air conditioner.

There are other factors to consider as well, like ceiling height, whether the room is located in direct sunlight and if it will be installed in a kitchen. The HVAC professionals at Affordable Plumbing and Heat can help you choose a unit that considers all these factors.


Before you purchase, determine the type of installation you want too. This factor is critical when shopping for a new air conditioner. Some are installed in windows and others are installed in walls. There are advantages and disadvantages to both styles and the HVAC experts at Affordable Plumbing and Heat can help you make the most cost effective air conditioner choice for your home.

Energy efficiency

energy star

Look for the energy star logo. Units with the Energy Star rating use approximately 10 percent less energy than other air conditioners and can save you money over time in energy bills. Additionally, may new models come with wi-fi access which allow you to control the unit from anywhere using your smart phone or laptop.  Units with the Energy Star rating give you more control and therefore save money because they can be programmed to run on timers and can be turned off and on remotely. Ask us about rebates for customers who purchase an Energy Star models that may be offered by the state.


Properly maintaining your unit is critical to ensure that it performs effectively year in and year out. Whatever unit you purchase you should have it cleaned and inspected yearly before the weather heats up so it is in good working order before you need to rely on it daily. If window and wall air conditioning units are not cleaned each yearly they will not operate efficiently. We can clean and inspect your most types of air conditioners.

Call us for advice, inspection, installation and sales of a wide variety of Air Conditioners. We are here for you!

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