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Commercial Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Affordable Plumbing and Heat has experienced commercial plumbers that provide complete plumbing, heating and air conditioning services for new home builds and for commercial properties. Our affordable prices and 24/7 services are difficult to compete with.

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our customers. Our technicians realize that emergencies happen. We want to take care of your issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our technicians will not try to up sell you on extra items or services. If you are responsible for maintaining the plumbing and HVAC systems for a commercial property or multi-tenant facility, you can count on Affordable Plumbing and Heat to provide quality comprehensive services at an affordable price.  

Additionally, we offer preventative maintenance and inspection services so that your property can avoid emergency plumbing, heating, or cooling system outages. Most appliance manufacturers — such as air conditioning or furnaces — require yearly inspections under the warranty. Preventative maintenance gives your appliances a longer life and leads to less repairs in the long run. It is better to prepare and prevent than to repair and regret. 


Whether your issue lies with your sewer system, water heater, or leaks in your pipes, Affordable Plumbing and Heat can do it all. Our plumbers are experts in what they do. There is not an instance that our plumbers have not seen. Visit our plumbing and services and repairs page for information on what we work on. It is best to try to prevent problems by regular maintenance, whether it is with your plumbing or sewer system. We also repair sewer lines with numerous methods, including pipe lining and pipe bursting. If you are unsure of how much a repair, installation, or replacement is going to cost, you can even call to schedule an estimate. This allows you to know how much a project is going to cost and allows you to properly budget.


For all your heating questions and issues, call Affordable Plumbing and Heat. Our technicians are knowledgeable and experts when it comes to furnaces and HVAC units. We can install in floor radiant heat, snow melt systems, and new furnaces. Furnaces are something that you should make sure to take care of. It is never good when you wake up to a cold house on a frigid winter morning. Preventative maintenance prolongs the life of your furnace — and any appliance. Affordable Plumbing and Heat can come look at your furnace and provide maintenance to ensure that your furnace is working properly.

Air Conditioning

Affordable Plumbing and Heat can come inspect your AC unit to ensure that it is working properly. Our licensed and trained professionals know exactly what to do when it comes to fixing and maintaining your AC. It is best to make sure that it is working properly before it gives out on a hot summer day. We can inspect, install, repair, or replace any air conditioner. Do not ignore warning signs when it comes to your AC. If your air conditioning is making an unusual sound or emitting a foul smell call Affordable Plumbing and Heat to come inspect and repair your unit. We can fix the issue in no time.

Contact us today to find out how we can keep your property comfortable, safe, and dry. 719-428-2573 or 303-963-9177.