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Heating Repair Tips to Help You Prepare for Every Winter for your Denver, Colorado Home

Heating Repair Tips to Help You Prepare Every Winter

Keeping a few important heating repair tips in mind and checking some of the basics will help you prepare for the cold weather prevalent in the entire Rocky Mountain region each fall and winter. The last thing you want is to find out you have a broken heater at the last minute and worry about whether you can find qualified repair services in time to stay warm. When it comes to heating repair services in Colorado, trust Affordable Plumbing and Heat to meet your property’s specific needs.

The Value of Heating Repair Tips in Denver and Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado winters start earlier and last longer than other parts of the country. This is partly due to the higher elevation. Thus, you will need a few useful tips on checking and repairing your heating system. Our expert team at Affordable Plumbing and Heat will make sure your family can feel safer, reduce operational cost, and gain a feeling of security that you'll have heat when you need it. You don't want to wait until the last moment to find out you need heating repair in the middle of a frigid night. Consult us right away so we can stay on top of the situation and provide the necessary heating service and repairs done before temperatures fall.

Allot Time for Heating System Seasonal Inspections

It's advisable to have your heating system fully inspected by the professionals at Affordable Plumbing and Heat before winter. Cold fronts and chilly nights are typical in Colorado starting in the mid to late fall months. We will make sure to check on every aspect of your heating system, even if it ran perfectly last winter. Our expert technicians are trained to spot potential problems before they worsen. Early problem detection and repair is an affordable way of avoiding heating system failures. A thorough heating system inspection can reveal:

  • Broken parts
  • Electrical problems
  • Thermostat problems
  • Air filter clogs
  • Vent blockages and loose ducts
  • Gas leaks
  • Pilot problems
  • Pilot Lights and Broken Heater Starting Issues

Both natural gas and electric heating systems can experience troubles in starting for different reasons. You can end up with a broken heater no matter what your energy source is to power the unit. Electrical heaters can have wear or corrosion of wiring that shorts out the appliance. It can also quit working due to age or damage. Natural gas heaters usually require fewer repairs, but there are times the pilot refuses to light. It's possible you will need to replace this part of the system. It's better to have a heating specialist check that your appliance starts on demand and stays operational before you experience freezing temperatures.

Fire Up Your HVAC or Furnace to Check for Easy-to-Detect Issues

Putting your eyes, ears, and nose to work can help you gather some vital clues on whether you need immediate heating repair. Unusual smells, sounds, and visuals can point to unexpected hazards or potential breakdowns of your heating equipment. A few signs of problems to look for are:

Smell of Burning Plastic

Electrical heating systems can have wiring overheat, and the smell is one of melting plastic. Turn the unit off and get in touch with our team right away before it leads to a fire.

Knocking, Pinging, or Whirring Noises

Most noises of this nature are from a problem with the fan or blower motor. It can also be a sign you have loose ducts.

Natural Gas Odors

Never take the smell of natural gas in your home lightly. If you detect the smell of natural gas around your furnace, shut the gas supply down, vacate the premises, and contact Affordable Plumbing and Heat.

Sizzling Sounds and Sparks With Electric Heating

Hearing a sizzling sound or seeing sparks with an electrical heating system can signal a problem that leads to an electrical failure or fire. Shut down the appliance and get in touch with us for our repair services.

Uneven Flame or Loud Bangs With a Furnace

Uneven flames or bare spots can signal clogs that need to be cleaned on the burner. Loud bangs as the furnace fires up could mean adjustments are necessary on the rate of natural gas being released.

It is important to call in heating system specialists like Affordable Plumbing and Heat if something doesn't look, smell, or sound right. A simple repair can make a huge difference in how your system performs and keeping your family safe this winter.

Clean Vents and Replace Air Filter

Floor-level vents are prone to getting all sorts of things dropped inside. It's a good idea to pull the vent covers and remove any objects like crayons, water bottle lids, coins, or small toys. Use a vacuum cleaner to get the dust that collects and reduce allergy symptoms when the heating system is in use. You need to replace the air filter every summer and winter for HVAC systems and before winter starts with furnace heating. When the air filter gets clogged, the efficiency of your heating can become lower. The simple act of bringing dirty air into the system will result in problems or the need to have everything replaced prematurely.

Check the Integrity of Your Ducts

How well are your heating ducts sealed? Losing the valuable heat out of your ducts from dents, broken, and disconnected ductwork can cost you a fortune in unneeded energy use. It's worth taking the time to investigate the condition and integrity of your ducts. Grab a flashlight and head to the basement or crawlspace and look for loose, damaged, or disconnected ducts. You can replace old and worn ducts with a flexible material at a fraction of the cost of metal. You can also use metal tape to close small areas of open access on metal ducts. Any effort you make will not only lower your bill but reduces wear-and-tear on your heating system at the same time.

Visually Inspect Your Heater

A visual inspection of your heating system and the area directly around the appliance is one of the most straightforward tasks to do, but often the least carried out. Make sure there are no cardboard boxes and combustibles near a furnace or electric heating system. Look for signs of rodent activity and nesting. Does any of the wiring look as if it's been chewed? Are there any heavy objects leaning on or near the heating system? Call in experts in heating repair with Affordable Plumbing and Heat if you spot anything wrong that might affect the operation of the appliance.

Check if the Fan is Pushing Enough Warm Air Throughout Your Denver, CO Home

The sound you hear coming from your heater is typically the fan motor, which rotates the fan. It drives the warm air through the ducts and out into your home. Lack of warmth in your home can be due to a broken heater with a non-working blower motor. Rarely does the motor stop without giving a few signs it's struggling. The fan could freeze in place periodically, or you can hear a low grumbling noise. Squealing is also typical, leading up to a blower motor failure. If you sense it is not as warm as it used to be throughout the house, have our team check the fan, and blower motor immediately.

Inspect Your Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarms

Not all heating repair tips deal directly with the heating system. The function and performance of your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are also significant in this regard. Don't go for low-cost options when installing these in your home. It can be your first warning that a severe problem needs fixing on your heating system. Having anything out of adjustment on a gas furnace can cause a build-up of carbon monoxide in your home. Breathing in this gas can have dire consequences. Have a licensed professional inspect the smoke and carbon monoxide detection systems periodically to make sure they are in good working order.

See if the Thermostat Working and Accurate

Thermostat controls come in many forms and offer various levels of function for any home heater. Older thermostats have either a dial or push-bar control you manually manipulate to adjust the temperature up or down. Newer models provide digital read-outs, programmability, and some have smart technology for control when away from home. Consult an Affordable Plumbing and Heat technician so we can check your thermostat if it suddenly becomes unresponsive or doesn't seem accurate. A non-working thermostat makes it impossible to turn your heat system on, off, or adjust the temperature.

Check for Poor Performance

Your monthly bill and comfort level are the two most significant factors to help determine if your heating system is working as good as you would expect for the age, size, heat demand, and wear. A loss of efficiency is going to happen eventually, as a few parts will begin to show wear and tear. One day, you will just find out that it is no longer as effective as it was during the first few years. A sudden drop in efficiency is a sign that a repair might be imminent. It's most noticeable through a spike in your energy bill or inability to keep your home warm on the mildest winter days.

Find Out if Your HVAC System or Furnace is in Need of Heating Repair

No heating system is immune from natural aging, as it will eventually demand a high level of maintenance, repair, or replacement. Discuss the age and condition of your system with an Affordable Plumbing and Heat technician and begin planning for a replacement if repairs are becoming more frequent. You can choose a new system that is energy-efficient and will keep your home comfortable all winter long.

Hopefully, these heating repair tips give you a starting point to begin looking at your heating system and prepare for the long winter months ahead. Contact the specialists at Affordable Plumbing and Heat for all of your routine maintenance and repairs today. Schedule a consultation by calling us or filling out our online form.

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