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How to Deal with Cracked Sewer Pipes for your Denver, CO Home

Living in the city requires a functioning sewerage system to eliminate waste. Most homes and buildings that are constructed in a city have their sewers connected to a water treatment plant where all of the wastewater is being collected. Unfortunately, problems start to happen if the sewer pipes start to break, which can pose health risks. Affordable Plumbing and Heat discusses the main causes of cracked sewer pipes in Denver, CO, and what you can do to fix it.

What Are Cracked Sewer Pipes?

Sewer pipes tend to develop cracks for different reasons, but one of the most common is excessive wear and tear. These cracks tend to start as a small, unnoticeable fracture. Without inspecting this crack, these can gain in size over time. Property owners normally notice these cracks when they start to become bigger, and there are ways they can prevent it from worsening. Cracked pipes call for immediate action as this problem can contribute to further damage not only to your plumbing system but also to your entire property.

Colorado property owners should also aware of the different types of cracks that sewer pipes tend to develop or sustain, as this will help them search for more cost-effective means of repairing them.

What Are The Different Types of Cracked Sewer Pipes?

There are three main types of sewer pipes used, namely clay, cast iron, and PVC or ABS. The durability of the pipes will depend on the type of material used in constructing it – the stronger the material is, the longer the pipes can last.

Clay pipes are one of the oldest materials used in the construction of a sewer line. This is a great material that can be shaped into anything, and has been useful for sewers. During the construction process, a lump of clay is collected from a local source and will be shaped to form giant plumbs. It will then be baked inside a kiln for added strength. Clay pipes are known for their toughness, immunity to chemicals and inclement weather, and resistance to cutting. Despite the strength attributed to clay pipes, they can develop porous joints where tree roots could enter and damage the system.

Cast iron pipes are stronger compared with clay pipes. They are also non-flammable, increasing their safety points. Nevertheless, the major downside to most pipes that are made with cast iron is their susceptibility to rusting and corrosion. It can develop years after the plumbs have been neglected, and can contribute to the creation of cracks around the pipes. Alkaline water and acid rain are two of the most common solutions that contribute to the faster deterioration of cast iron pipes.

Pipes from PVC and ABS are known for their smooth surfaces and their resistance to rusting and corrosion. People who use PVC and ABS pipes are assured that the water going through this material are clean. The downside to using PVC and ABS is these are more prone to breakage compared with pipes that are made from cast iron, so additional caution is needed.

What Causes Cracked Sewer Pipes?

There are different reasons for a sewer pipe to break, and all it takes to resolve it is to contact Affordable Plumbing and Heat to provide sewer pipe repair services. One of the most common causes is the material that is used for building the system, as pipes require durable materials to last for decades. If the sewer pipes were constructed using low-quality materials, it can be susceptible to damage.

A good sewerage system can last up to one hundred years when built with good materials. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, some people end up considering low-cost materials, resulting in pipes that are not strong enough to handle the elements. Some experts point out that sewer systems created before the 1980s are probably made up of clay, making it weak and susceptible to damage. The age of the sewerage system is another reason pointed out by the experts. They said that some materials, like clay, would not last long and are bound to fail.

Many engineers today consider materials that can last for longer periods whenever they are given a project that will require them to build a sewerage system. The sewer pipes that will be used for the construction should be made from durable materials. If these are easily broken, the system can fail after a decade or so. Another thing that most experts are looking at would be the growth of plants in the area – excessive plant growth can lead to the formation of more roots that can pierce through the pipes. Environmental factors are also a prime reason cracks appear on a sewer system. When the ground shifts, it generates a lot of stress. The pipes that are on the receiving end will have to endure the stress until it snaps. Once it finally snaps, the whole system can collapse.

Pipe settlement is also becoming a major concern because it can lead to blockage. Dirt located under or around the pipes can start to settle, which will lead to the sinking of the pipes and create a negative slope. The wastewater that should have gone downhill will start to accumulate in the sunken area, creating a huge blockage. One way to solve this issue is to have our team replace the pipes as these would be beyond repair. We have the manpower and the equipment to resolve this issue in a prompt and effective manner.

Improper pipe installation can also result in a lot of problems. This can happen if someone who is not licensed to perform plumbing services is left in charge of installing the pipes. Sewer pipe repair can be difficult when the problems start to appear, so be sure to contact our plumbing professionals regarding this matter. The improper installation of the pipes can also lead to problems with your sewer, which may require excavation to correct the issue.

Root infiltration is also a major concern, according to many plumbing experts. This is true especially if the material used in creating the system is not durable, and may be susceptible to breakage. Clay pipes can be broken by roots, so be cautious once you determine that your sewer pipes are made of low-quality materials. You will need to get in touch with us at Affordable Plumbing and Heat to replace your current sewer pipes.

The deterioration of the sewer because of chemicals is another issue that you need to check. Depending on the type of material used, strong corrosive chemicals can lead to the early demise of your sewer pipes. Make sure to consult our team to conduct routine maintenance and inspection. The lack of maintenance can result in excessive cracks, which would lead to bigger problems down the road. Sewer pipe repair should be a priority when this issue starts to happen.

What are the symptoms of cracked sewer pipes?

Mold Problem is one indication that there is a problem with your home’s pipes. When mold starts to form behind the walls of your home, be sure to get in touch with our staff right away. Mold thrives in moist and damp environments; once the pipes start to leak, it becomes more favorable for these organisms.

Rats love sewers, and if you notice that there is an increasing number of rodents inside your home, have our team check your sewer pipes because there might be a huge crack. Insects like cockroaches also love to thrive in dirty environments. When the cracks start to appear on the sewerage system, wastewater will come out, and it can attract these organisms.

Another symptom that you need to watch out for would experience blockages on your sewerage system. This can happen because of the seeping dirt that causes the blockage of the pipes. Wastewater is a great fertilizer, and if you notice an irregular growth of grass on your lawn, you should suspect that the pipes are starting to leak. Cracks in the foundation and settlement can happen when the wastewater starts to leak out into the foundation of your home. Over time, this can result in the deterioration of the property’s foundation, and its eventual collapse.

In addition, if you notice that your sinks are draining slowly, it can be because of the cracks that start to appear on the pipes. When the wastewater starts leaking because of the cracks, it would produce a horrible smell that you can easily detect inside your home. If you cannot pinpoint where the smell is coming from, you need to hire the services of our experts to conduct a quick camera inspection.

Schedule an Appointment with our Team to Deal with Cracked Sewer Pipes

No one can stop a sewer pipe from cracking if it is happening due to natural wear and tear. Nevertheless, there are ways to fix this issue, and many people are trying to search for reliable sewer pipe repair in Denver, CO, and the surrounding areas. When you are dealing with cracked sewer pipes, be sure to get in touch with Affordable Plumbing and Heat right away. We will make sure to resolve these in a quick and effective manner at a reasonable cost. Get in touch with our team immediately by calling us or filling out our online form.

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