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Keep Cool With Our AC Guide

Air Conditioning Buying and Maintenance Guide

Are you looking for a way to cool off your home during the hot summer months? Is your air conditioner not working properly like it should? Look no further than Affordable Plumbing and Heat. Our licensed and professional technicians will fix your air conditioning problems, and we can even install a completely new air conditioning unit.

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Read below for more information on air conditioning units.

According to Energy Star, the average household spends about 13% of its annual utility bill on cooling their home. You need to make sure to get the right size unit. An air conditioner that is too small will struggle to cool a room. One that is too big will cool so quickly that it does not have any time to remove enough moisture, which leaves you with a cold, clammy space. You will also need to consider price and features.

Affordable Plumbing and Heat can come repair, inspect, and maintain your air conditioning system. We can also replace or install a new AC unit. No matter where you live, it is important that you are prepared for the hottest days of summer. You need a reliable air conditioner. There is not anything worse than going to turn on the air conditioning to find that it is blowing out hot air or not blowing any air out at all. New air conditioning units can get pricey, but do not let that scare you. It is important to be comfortable in your own home at all times, whether it is in the summer heat or during the cold winter months. We can even come give you an estimate beforehand; this allows you to know how much it will cost to fix or replace the air conditioning unit. We have air conditioning units for every budget. We are here to help.

If you have an old air conditioning system, you might want to think about replacing your old one for a newer and more efficient model. A new air conditioning unit will be pricey upfront, but the cost in energy bills will make up for it in a few years.

Signs your air conditioning or cooling system needs repaired:

  • If there are strange noises/extremely loud noises coming out of you air conditioning unit. If the motor on your air conditioning is damaged or overworked, it may start making loud or unpleasant noises.
  • When the AC is on but is not cooling off your home. This typically means that the AC needs a thorough inspection and cleaning. Our technicians can determine whether it just needs a few parts or if the entire system needs to be replaced.
  • If the AC will not turn on. This could potentially be a simple fix, such as it just needs a new thermostat. It could also be a sign that the AC unit has completely failed and needs replaced.
  • When there are unusual smells. If this happens, turn off the unit and call the experts at Affordable.

Preventative Maintenance

It is recommended by all manufacturers to perform yearly preventative maintenance on your cooling equipment. Typically, air conditioner units come with a warranty; however, if you do not properly maintain the unit like recommended and there is a problem that arises, the warranty does not cover it. Preventative maintenance prolongs the equipment life and reduces the extent or frequency of failures. Air conditioning inspections also save fuel costs as well as meet the manufacturer’s warranty requirements.

Get your air conditioner inspected yearly

Annual maintenance allows the unit to live longer and work properly.

What are some other options?

If central air conditioning is not an option, you can think about room air conditioners. They can be an inexpensive and energy efficient alternative for cooling one or two rooms. Below are the types of air conditioners that you can use for a few rooms:

Window Air Conditioner


  • Capacity ranges from 5,000 to 6,500 Btu/hr. (British thermal units)
  • Cools roughly 100-300 square feet
  • Smallest, lightest, least expensive
  • Cost: around $100-$200


  • Capacity ranges from 7,000 to 8,200 Btu/hr.
  • Cools roughly 250-400 square feet
  • Size and weight can make them harder to install and remove for winter storage
  • Cost: around $200-$300


  • Capacity ranges from 9,800 to 12,500 Btu/hr.
  • Cools between 350-650 square feet
  • Best for cooling a large room, but the bulk and weight make these models awkward and difficult to install
  • Cost: around $300-$400

Window air conditioner

Portable Air Conditioners

  • Intended for homes in which window configurations or building regulations prevent installation of window units
  • Typically range from 5,000 to 15,500 Btu
  • They are pricey and use more energy than similarly sized window units
  • Tend to be noisier than window mounted units
  • On the heavier side, typically between 50-80 pounds
  • Cost: $300-$600

Portable air conditioner

Split Ductless Air Conditioners

  • This is a smart way to add air conditioning to a limited number of rooms without having to open walls to install ductwork or install and remove multiple window units each year
  • Much quieter indoors and outdoors than window air conditioners
  • More expensive than window and portable – professional installation is also recommended – but is less expensive than central air if you are cooling only a few rooms
  • If you are looking to cool the majority of your home, a central air conditioning system is a more cost-effective choice
  • Cost: $1,000+

Split Ductless air conditioner

Ask for an estimate

If your air conditioning units needs repaired or replaced, but you want to be sure of the cost, Affordable Plumbing and Heat can come do a quick estimate. This gives the technician an idea of what they are getting into, and it allows you to budget as necessary. As experts in the Cheyenne area, we have air conditioning units for every budget. We are prepared to make the repair or installation as quick and painless as possible. Our certified technicians will check and advise of any needed repairs and help prevent any breakdowns. If you are unsure of anything when it comes to your air conditioner, it is best to contact a licensed professional who knows what they are doing. Do not hesitate to call Affordable!

Do not let you and your family go without air conditioning during the heat in the summer. Whether you need an estimate, repair, maintenance, or installation, Affordable Plumbing and Heat is here to take care of you 247. Keep your cool during the summer — call us!

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