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Main Causes of Thermostat Issues

When you are familiar with the main causes of thermostat issues, you can take measures and avoid them, preventing major expenses or replacement costs. With Affordable Plumbing and Heat, seek out the air conditioning maintenance in Colorado Springs, CO while maintaining your peace of mind.


One of the biggest culprits of a broken or ineffective thermostat is misuse. If your thermostat is being run too frequently or too extensively without proper maintenance or regard to manufacturer operation standards, you run the risk of causing it to break or slow down. When this happens, you might require a brand new replacement and installation.

Lack of Maintenance

An overall lack of air conditioning and heating maintenance can lead to inefficient and broken thermostats. Hiring professional air conditioning services in Colorado Springs, CO is a way to keep your thermostat, heater, and air conditioner in proper working order at all times.

Sludge Buildup

If you have not maintained your thermostat in a long time, there may be sludge and debris buildup that can hinder your thermostat’s efficiency and overall usage. We also recommend that you schedule an air conditioning repair in Colorado Springs, CO right away if you encounter problems.

Improper Installation

Proper air conditioning installation in Colorado Springs, CO, as well as professional maintenance, can help to improve the overall quality and condition of your home's thermostat with the right company and provider by your side.

Whether you require an air conditioning replacement in Colorado Springs, CO, or any HVAC service, turn to a company such as Affordable Plumbing and Heat for all of your heating, cooling, and thermostat needs. Contact us today.