Repair Sewer Lines with Pipelining

There are several methods of sewer repair, some require excavation. The preferred method however is to use a trenchless technology, like pipelining. This method is also call CIPP or Cured in Place Pipelining.

Trenchless methods of sewer line repair are less expensive and less disruptive to your property so Affordable Plumbing and Heat technicians will always try and use these these trenchless methods, like Pipelining (CIPP) or Pipe Bursting whenever possible.

Our certified plumbers and trained technicians will first scope you sewer line with a video camera to locate the damaged portion of pipe. If the pipe is cracked or broken we will likely use pipelining to repair it.

Once the crack is located we will access your sewer line and send a fabric liner into the sewer line. Once the liner is in place, we will inflate it and then use an epoxy that will cure in place. This epoxy allows the liner to harden and adhere to the existing broken pipe. Once the two parts are adhered, we will test the new line to make sure it is sealed.

We will close up the access point. Turn your water back on and let you get back to your life!

The Pipelining Process

The illustration below, demonstrates how CIPP or Pipelining is commonly performed.

Pipelining Process

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Benefits of Pipelining

  • Stops leaks and does not allow roots to invade the sewer line.

  • Repairs and strengthens to damaged pipe to be as strong as a new pipe
  • More affordable than open trench or excavation methods of repair.
  • Increases flow and capacity of line because waste flows more smoothly through liner surface.
  • Most importantly does not require the destruction of property.