Avoid Plumbing Nightmares This Month and All Year Long

You can count on one thing once you become a homeowner, unexpected problems and unfortunately that often mean unexpected expenses.

Keeping your sanity amidst all this uncertainty can be difficult. One thing you shouldn’t do is add to the list by creating a Plumbing Nightmare in your home.

How do you create a plumbing nightmare? The biggest plumbing nightmares are caused when homeowners don’t follow simple steps to protect the piping system and sewer lines connected to their homes.

Here are 10 Tips to help you avoid Plumbing Nightmares:

  1. Never Pour Grease Down the Sink. Grease clogs the pipes and if done repeatedly can completely block wastewater from draining into your sewer lines. A backed up sink causes a very messy kitchen.
  2. Avoid Flushable Wipes. We know what you are thinking, why sell them if they clog toilets? We have no idea! Homes with older sewer systems, like Denver and Colorado Springs Peak, often have fragile and crumbling sewer systems not built to handle “flushable” wipes.
  3. Similarly, avoid drop-in toilet bowl cleaners. The chemicals that make up these disks corrode pipes over time and therefore cause cracks. A cracked sewer line can be a costly and messy problem to solve. Best to stick with traditional toilet bowl cleaning methods.
  4. Know the location of your main water shut off. In the event that a pipe or plumbing fixture in your home does begin to leak you should know where to go to turn off the water supply to your house. This will stop all water from being used and prevent the leak from causing further damage. Shut off the water and call a professional. They can examine the cause of the leak, repair it, and get your home back to full working order.
  5. Know the location and how to shut off the water supply to your hot water heater in the event it is damaged and starts to leak. Also place a pan underneath it, so that if it does begin to leak, there isn’t water spilled all over the floor. Inspecting your hot water heater to make sure it is in good working order is a good idea.
  6. Have your sewer line regularly inspected. Most people do not do this and we cannot stress enough the importance of knowing the health of your sewer line. Many side sewer systems in the Colorado Springs and Denver area are over 100 years old. Over time, tree roots, ground shifting, and debris can cause these lines to create messy back-ups in your home. An inexpensive camera inspection of your sewer line can pinpoint areas of concern and help you avoid very costly excavation repairs down the road.
  7. Get familiar with your water bill. If you notice an unexpected increase in the monthly cost, it could mean you have an undetected leak.
  8. Call a professional to come out and inspect your plumbing system. Often times leaks in the walls go undetected until dangerous mold has developed. This can damage your health and your home.Have the name and number of your plumber handy at all times.
  9. Use a trusted and reliable plumber, not a plumber that spends large amount of money on expensive marketing. And not one that uses commissioned sales people to up sale you on unnecessary services. Using those types of plumbers will cause a real plumbing nightmare when you see the bill.
  10. Call the EXPERTS at Affordable Plumbing and Heat to avoid all of these types of Plumbing Nightmares. In Denver: 303-428-4221 or Colorado Springs: 719.471.0713.