How to Prevent and Fix Frozen Pipes

Every winter brings cold temperatures and with those cold temperatures homeowners need to be on alert for frozen pipes. If pipes have water in them and are exposed to freezing temperatures, the pipe can expand and burst causing serious damage to your home and property. Sometimes the pipes don’t burst but they crack, this can also cause major water damage. The crack can cause a slow leak that could go undetected for months. In either case your home is at risk for water damage.

Follow these preventative measures to avoid frozen, broken, and leaky pipes:

  1. Disconnect garden hoses and turn off water to sprinkler systems and exterior faucets.
  2. Insulate interior exposed pipes with a pipe sleeve or thermostatically controlled heat tape. This is especially important in attics, garages, and crawl spaces. You may think that interior pipes cannot burst but if you turn down the thermostat when you leave home for extended periods or go out of town those already cold places in your home can become frozen.
  3. If the weather is really cold, let cold water drip from a faucet of an exposed pipe. Even just a trickle of water will help keep pipes from freezing.
  4. Going on a trip? Be sure and leave the heat on. Keeping your house heat set no lower than 55-60 degrees will prevent frozen pipes.


If you haven’t taken preventative measures, how do you tell if your pipes are frozen? Here are some indications:

  1. Clanking or whistling pipes? This could indicate that a pipe is dented or damaged and that there is an increase in water pressure. If this happens, call Affordable Plumbing and Heat in Colorado Springs at 719-419-8211 or in Denver at 720-408-7121 immediately. If ignored, this could cause pressure in your pipes, which could cause leaks or burst pipes.
  2. Does water barely drip out your faucets or stop entirely? If you turn on the water and nothing comes out, this could be the sign of a break in the pipe.
  3. Wet or icy pipes. If you see condensation or frost on exposed pipes (like in your basement or attic), this could be a sign that your pipes have frozen.

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