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Residential Boilers

Residential Boilers: How to Choose the Best Home Heating System

Now that you’ve conquered the home buying or building process, have you thought about what kind of heating system you’ll use to cozy up and settle in? While there are numerous options, which we have outlined below, one system to consider installing in your new home is hydronic heating systems, particularly boiler heating.

If you are in a new construction phase, rebuild or you’re new to finding a heating system in your new home, it’s worth researching to find out what best suits you. Boiler heating systems are a smart choice, and we at Affordable Plumbing, Heat & Electrical want to arm you with all the information you need to find the best heating system fit for you.

What Heating Choices Do You Have?

  • Central Heat
  • Heat Pumps
  • Direct Heat
    • Gas Fired Space Heaters
    • Unvented Gas-Fired Heaters:
      • Strongly Discouraged because of health & safety reasons
    • Electric Space Heaters
    • Wood-Burning and Pellet Stoves
    • Fireplaces
  • Boilers
  • State of the Art Heating
    • Radiant Floor Heating
    • Ductless, Mini-Split, Multi-Split
    • Combined Heat & Power

Above are some of the options available for home heating systems and as you can see, there are plenty of options for heating your home. Some homeowners prefer a central warm air furnace in their homes, which should be monitored. Heat pumps are another option, and they work similarly to air conditioning units, except with heat rather than cooling. Pipeless furnaces are equally popular, despite sometimes requiring complex installation that should always be performed by a professional.

While all of these approaches have their own appeal, if you are considering a system like boiler heating. Below are some things you may want to keep in mind when making the decision to choose a residential boiler versus another home heating system.

Types of Home Boilers

  • Hydronic Boilers (hot water boilers)
    • Accessories for this type of boiler would include a flow check valve, a circulator, an expansion tank and a motorized pump. This type of boiler requires the motorized pump to circulate the hot water in order to fill the pipes.
    • These types of boilers tend to be safer than steam boilers and the efficiency also seems to be better than that of most steam boilers.
  • Steam Boilers
    • In residential applications, a one-pipe steam system is typically used.  In these types of systems, the steam expands into the pipes and the heat energy from the steam is transferred via the radiators to warm the home. The steam will then condense and return back towards the boiler in the form of water and the cycle begins again.
    • These boilers are typically less efficient that hydronic boilers because they do not have electric pumps to help the process along.

Benefits of Boilers

  • Boiler heating is one of the cleanest processes and doesn’t produce dust particles or allergens.
  • It naturally infuses a room with heat since it is not forced air.
  • It is also easy to maneuver the heat flow in your home because of the zoning capabilities that make it more efficient for placing heating in specific spaces.
  • In addition, boilers are silent giving you a quieter house when heating your rooms.

With a high-quality brand, and installation & maintenance by a trusted team like Affordable Plumbing and Heating, your boiler will run effectively and efficiently.

A High Efficiency Boiler vs. Standard Efficiency

A high-efficiency boiler traps any escaping heat and directs it back into heating your home. Older, standard efficiency boilers typically only use 50%-75% of the heat it produces, wasting a considerable amount in the process. Investing in a high-efficiency boiler is an energy-conscious decision, as many of them have an AFUE of 90%-98%. While we do offer whatever boilers you find the most effective for your needs, we recommend considering eco-friendly, high efficiency boilers to make the most of the heating in your home.

Brands Preferred

The brand you use on your boiler makes a big difference in how efficient it’s going to work. Names like Triangle Tube, Burnham, Larrs, Lochinvars, Viessman are some of the best makers of boilers in America. Check out our supply to find the brand that most suitably fits your needs.

At Affordable Plumbing and Heat in Colorado Springs and Denver, you can get a boiler heating system installed for the best price in the state. For boiler repair, or installing a home heating system, Affordable is here with a fully licensed team and 250 years of collective experience.

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