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CIPP Lining Colorado Springs CO

Repair Colorado Springs Sewer Lines with Pipelining

At Affordable Plumbing, we make it our top priority to innovate our services and invest in new technology in order to provide our customers in Colorado Springs with excellent, high-quality repair services that they can rely on and feel secure investing in. Pipe and sewer line problems can now be repaired without expensive digging and long periods of downtime and inconvenience. With our services, customers can rest easy knowing that their water pipes will be restored without delay.

The Process Of CIPP Lining Services

At Affordable Plumbing, we are proud to offer CIPP lining as the primary solution for customers in Colorado Springs. CIPP lining, or cured-in-place pipe lining, is a trenchless pipe rehabilitation process used to fix sewer lines, water pipes, storm drains, roof drains, and other pipeline systems found in homes and businesses. The CIPP lining process is a simple, innovative process that offers various benefits following its fast installation.

  1. First, we will conduct a sewer camera inspection. Sewer camera inspections allow us to see inside of your pipes via a live video feed so we know exactly what the problem is. This process guarantees the quality of our work, and by completing this simple and accurate inspection and leak detection process, we ensure that our subsequent repairs will be effective and necessary. This also keeps costs lower and guarantees that our estimates will be accurate as well. We take pride in fixing pipes correctly during our first visit to your property, adn by providing long-lasting solutions the very first time, we promote customer satisfaction and trust with the residents and business owners of Colorado Springs.

  2. Next, your pipes will be cleaned through a process called hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is a safe and effective way to clean drain lines as the process will not harm the materials further like chemical cleaners. This process involves cleaning the pipes with high-pressure streams of water that will blast away any clogs, debris, or sludge that could potentially create more clogs or corrosion in the future. This effectively acts as a preventative measure to keep the pipe clean while clearing away blockages and preparing the pipe for the lining solutions.

  3. After the cleaning session is completed, our technicians will insert a fiber-reinforced fabric or non-woven polyester inflatable liner into the old and damaged sewer pipe. This liner and the solution it is coated in will be able to withstand even the harshest elements that it may endure. CIPP lining is a way to maintain the original efficiency while fixing any discrepancies to the system. A special liner will then be coated with a strong resin.

  4. Using water or air pressure to, the liner will be inverted inside of the water main and inflated to fit the old damaged pipe perfectly. Our technicians use heat to quicken the curing process, and once it has fully cured, the liner will be sealed at the pipe ends and your new pipe will be working better than ever before. It is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used to fix any pipeline material no matter how severe its condition may be.

Colorado Springs CIPP Lining

When Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining Is Needed In Colorado Springs

Cured-in-place pipe lining is a pipeline rehabilitation service that allows old, worn down pipes to be renewed without needing to completely replace them. This is made possible through advancements in technology and equipment, making it possible for our experts to conduct repairs without heavy excavation. Within days, pipes can be fixed without excessive collateral damage, a far cry to the traditional dig-and-replace methods. Because of this, trenchless pipe lining offers residents and business owners many benefits, including:

  • No-Dig Repairs: It is a no-dig solution, so you will not be left with needing to finance for landscaping crews to fill in the massive trenches afterwards. Traditional dig-and-replace methods would require the entire pipe to be dug up and then replaced, but with trenchless pipe lining, only one or two access points are typically required and no digging of trenches, excavating of floors, or tearing down of walls will be necessary.

  • Less Time To Complete: It takes less time. Traditional systems can take weeks to months to complete, but trenchless pipe lining can be completed in just one day. This means you will be able to get back to your regular routine as quickly as possible.

  • Environmentally Friendly Solution: It is better for the environment. Since the entire system is not having to be disposed of and then replaced, but instead the system works off the old one, you will be leaving a smaller carbon footprint and saving the earth.

  • More Efficient Pipeline System: Your system will be more efficient than ever before due to the seamless technology of the liner.

  • Extended Lifespan: The lifespan of your pipes will be extended by 50 years, ensuring you will not have to worry about your pipes breaking down for a long time.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: It is also less expensive than traditional methods since you will not have to deal with the hassle of removal fees from the piping or cleaning up a yard or any hardscape that was destroyed in the process.

At Affordable Plumbing, we always begin with a sewer camera inspection so we know exactly what is happening inside of your pipes. If you have experienced recurring clogs there may be an underlying problem. No matter what the problem is, we will have the best solution that will fit your needs and keep your home and business unaffected by the repairs.

colorado springs trenchless pipe bursting

Call Affordable Plumbing For The Best CIPP Services In Colorado Springs

As soon as you notice something is wrong, you should call Affordable Plumbers. Fixing a partially clogged or cracked pipe is much easier and safer on the pipes than a fully clogged pipe. When a pipe is clogged, pressure can build inside of the pipe causing it to burst and cause even more damage and problems that could have been avoided. When this happens, more extensive repairs than a simple drain cleaning will be required and CIPP lining may be the perfect solution. Call Affordable Plumbing today for the best service at the most affordable prices!

Avoid costly sewer line repairs. Talk to us about pipelining. 719-471-0713

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Benefits of Pipelining

  • Stops leaks and does not allow roots to invade the sewer line.
  • Repairs and strengthens to damaged pipe to be as strong as a new pipe
  • More affordable than open trench or excavation methods of repair.
  • Increases flow and capacity of line because waste flows more smoothly through liner surface.
  • Most importantly does not require the destruction of property.

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