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Pipe Bursting Colorado Springs CO

Repair Colorado Springs Sewer Lines with Pipe Bursting

If you notice slow-moving water or backups in your Colorado Springs home, call Affordable Plumbing for a proper diagnosis of the situation. With our inspection tools and leak detection equipment, we can survey the pipes on your property and determine if the problem is a clog or a collapse in the pipeline itself.

Pipe and drain lines are susceptible to bursting from the strain and pressure produced from dense clogs and tree roots in the system. While these clog formation and clumps of tree roots can easily be removed with hydro jetting equipment if they’re caught in time, leaving the pipes unchecked can allow for major accidents to happen. Pipeline bursts can be a major source of property damage and expensive, and because of this, our team at Affordable Plumbing is proud to offer trenchless pipe bursting as the preferred solution for repairing broken pipelines in processes that are fast, cost-effective, and mitigate possible collateral damage as well.

How The Pipe Bursting Process In Colorado Springs Works

Pipe bursting is a type of trenchless pipe lining that effectively installs a new pipe while getting rid of the old one. In this process, the existing pipe is fractured, sending its pieces into the surrounding ground by a mechanical force inside of the pipe. At the same time, the new pipe is pulled into place. This system does not require the existing pipe to be removed and does not require the need to dig a new hole for the pipe system.

The rod of a pipe-bursting system must be pushed into the old, damaged pipe. This system has bursting blades and an expander that serve to burst the old pipe. The new pipe is then connected to the expander. As the rod is pulled through the pipe, the bursting blades will expand the old pipe, pushing any fragments into the surrounding earth. This effectively destroys the old lines while laying out the new pipe. The new pipe is attached, pulled, and follows the expander through the existing hole. Once the bursting blades and expander leave the hole, the new pipe is ready to be connected and used. The tube-bursting tool will then be retrieved and used on the next section of pipe.

Colorado Springs Pipe Bursting

Because of its non-invasive qualities, it has become a popular repair method and is primarily used to replace old pipelines. Unlike dig-and-replace processes, trenchless repair does not require massive trenches like traditional pipe repair. For the process to be successful, our workers only have to dig a few launching and receiving pits where the pipe will be installed. Pipe bursting is effective when an aging or damaged pipeline needs to be replaced and a trenchless process is desired.

The Benefits Of Trenchless Pipeline Bursting In Colorado

Trenchless pipe bursting offers many benefits for residents and business owners across Colorado, including:

  • Cheaper Drain Line Repair Solution: Traditional trench work can be expensive and requires extra costs to clean up the mess left behind from the trench and to remove the old pipes. Damaging lawns and gardens can be very expensive for homeowners and even more for city repairs if roadways, sidewalks, and soil all has to be repaired.

  • Faster Completion Time: It is also much more efficient. It takes less time to complete and typically residential projects can be completed in only one day. Larger commercial projects take only slightly longer. Since the new pipe is installed as the old one is destroyed there is no need to remove or dispose of the old and damaged pipe. Trenches can take hours or days to dig, and after they are made, the damaged pipes will be removed, requiring replacement costs. Productivity is higher since there is less time digging and cleaning up. Jobs become more accurate and effective and companies are able to do more with their time.

  • No Heavy Plowing Or Excavation Required: No digging is required. It is a trenchless solution. In the past, massive trenches would have to be dug to fix and replace the old piping system, but now digging is not necessary. This saves time, money, and the hassle of the mess.

  • Safe Solution For Workers & Property Owners: It is safer for the workers and the owner. Asbestos and mold are often found in the ground, and the less the dirt has to be disturbed, the less people are exposed to these harmful elements. It is also less labor intensive which means employees productivity levels will be higher. There is significantly less machinery than is required to remove large plots of soil in traditional systems.

  • Pipe Bursting Is Eco-Friendly & Reduces Our Carbon Footprint: Finally, it is better for the environment. Since it does not require taking all of the old parts to the trash, it leaves a smaller footprint. There is little to no need for geological investigations. When large amounts of soil are moved, the geology can settle, but with so little having to be disturbed, there will be little to no damage.

colorado springs trenchless pipe bursting

Call Affordable Plumbing For Trenchless Pipe Bursting Solutions In Colorado Springs Today!

At Affordable Plumbing, we have decades worth of combined experience. Our 247 services are unrivaled with our team of over 30 employees and 20 vehicles readily available to service all of Colorado Springs. We are proud to be a family owned, local business with honest and fair ethics. We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves, or employees, and our knowledge and over the past 20 years we have grown and improved into the company we are today.

As the industry authority in pipe bursting solutions, we continually maintain the highest standards possible in regards to workmanship and customer service. You are our number one priority and we intend to show that through all aspects of our work. We are a fully insured, bonded, and licensed company we are fully responsible and reliable in everything we do. Call Affordable Plumbing today for superior customer service and to get back to your normal life as soon as possible.

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