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Professional CIPP Pipe Lining Services in Colorado Springs & Denver Metro Areas

Trenchless Sewer Repair Denver, CO

At Affordable Plumbing, we are a prime authority on conducting trenchless-based lining repair processes, including CIPP lining. We are the best option day or night because of our unparalleled 24⁄7 emergency services since we strive to offer personalized services and solutions for all of our customers in Colorado. As a fully licensed, bonded, and insured plumber in Denver, CO, we will always take care of you and your property, bringing you a system that will last you better for longer, guaranteed.

Affordable Plumbing and Heat is proud to be the go-to plumber in Colorado Springs and Denver Metro Areas, including:

Residential CIPP Pipe Lining Denver & Colorado Springs

Cured-in-place pipe lining, or CIPP lining, is a type of trenchless pipe lining that is perfect for sewer pipes, water main lines, storm drains, pressure pipelines carrying effluents, and other similar types of drains and pipes.

The Pipe Lining Process

It allows our specialists to reinforce any unstable and leaking pipes without removing and replacing the entire system. CIPP lining involves our experts placing fiber-reinforced fabric or non-woven polyester liner inside of the old damaged pipe as a way to maintain the original flow rate while fixing cracks or breaks in the old water pipe. This strong liner will withstand any soil, groundwater, and surface pressure that may affect it. It is also very versatile since it fits in any pipe once expanded.

CIPP lining allows our specialists to line and fix the main line without having to replace the entire length of the pipeline, making the process safe and more efficient. The traditional dig-and-replace methods of repairs require large amounts of dirt to be displaced, potentially exposing asbestos or mold. CIPP lining ensures that these risks are avoided. When large amounts of dirt are moved or displaced, there is a chance our workers will encounter asbestos or mold, since CIPP lining only requires one or two access points, little to no soil will be disturbed. To ensure that the process goes smoothly, there are multiple steps of the CIPP lining process:

First, your pipes will be inspected with high-quality cameras. The inspection and leak detection process allow us to diagnose the exact nature of the problem and offer the best solution for fixing it.

After the problem has been carefully diagnosed, the pipes will need to be cleaned of any clogs or debris that may be blocking them with our hydro jetting equipment. The hydro jetting cleaning process involves deploying a high-pressure stream of water and blasting it through the pipeline network with a hose and specialized nozzle to not only remove clogs but also eliminate sludge and debris along with the interior of the pipe. Unlike chemical cleaners, this system will never harm your pipes further and is a safe and effective way to clean pipes.

A special liner is then coated with epoxy resin, and the resin will act as the new pipe once it is fully installed and cured. Using water or air pressure, this resin-soaked liner is then inserted into the pipe. The liner is inflated to perfectly fit inside of the old pipe, smoothly adhering to the inside of it.

Heat is used to speed up the curing process, and once it is cured, the liner is sealed flush at the pipe ends. The estimated curing time is around several hours, and after the process is finished, a final inspection is conducted to ensure that the installation of the epoxy pipe is sound.

CIPP Pipe Lining Service Denver Colorado Springs

When Is CIPP Lining The Most Effective In Homes?

CIPP lining can be used to fix a wide range of complications that pipeline systems can experience in homes and businesses across Colorado. Because of CIPP lining’s versatility and practicality, our team at Affordable Plumbing is capable of fixing many different problems, including but not limited to:

  • Corrosion & dissolved pipeline material
  • Leaks, cracks, and holes
  • Tree root penetration
  • Tuberculation
  • Pipeline erosion

Pipeline systems are exposed to various sources of waste on a regular basis, and without regular checkups or cleanings, this can erode their quality and efficiency over time. If a pipe is cracked or broken and needs more extensive repair, trenchless pipe lining is usually the best solution. These types of cracks and breaks will require more than just a drain cleaning and CIPP lining may be the best option. Feel free to reach out to us to find out which of our residential services in Denver, CO is the right solution to your problem.

CIPP Pipe lining Colorado

How CIPP Lining Helps Colorado Customers

Because CIPP lining can be recommended to fix a number of different sewer pipeline issues, there are many benefits to investing in CIPP lining services with our professionals at Affordable Plumbing.

  • Long-term efficiency
  • Budget-friendly
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fast completion time
  • Convenient for homeowners & tenants

In addition, CIPP lining is a highly versatile tool for repairs and works on nearly any type of pipeline material, ranging from Orangeburg to cast iron and even galvanized steel. Our residential and commercial services in Denver, CO are highly capable of rehabilitating pipelines in confined spaces, the process is far more affordable than traditional methods because heavy digging and plowing aren’t necessary to complete the work.

This makes the process more sustainable and encourages environmentally conscious practices, as it incorporates the presence of the old pipe and refines it by installing a new liner directly inside of it, extending the lifespan of the drain line by at least 50 years or more. Whereas traditional dig-and-replace methods can take weeks or months to complete, trenchless pipe lining can be completed in just one day. 

Call Affordable Plumbing For CIPP Lining Services In Colorado

At Affordable Plumbing, we strive for the highest quality of work with the best customer service. Family owned and operated, we understand what it is like to have disruptions in the productivity of your day. Because of this, we work to be as efficient as possible in our work and will do the job at the highest quality. Our company has over 250 years of combined experience, making us the prime authority in all things pipe lining.

We are always improving upon our company and ourselves and learning new ways to be even better at what we do. Our 24⁄7 emergency service is unparalleled due to our fleet of staff and vehicles who are always ready and happy to serve you. We always bring the highest quality of service, whether day or night. Trust Affordable Plumbing today to get your pipes back to the efficiency you need. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. You can count on us for any of the following: