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Fractured Pipes

Breaks and cracks in your sewer pipes can prove to be a cause of water damage inside your Denver home, and can also be a health hazard for your family. However, your pipes could be fractured or even collapsed without you realizing what has gone wrong. There are several factors to consider if you are trying to determine whether you have this problem in your sewer line, as well as the best ways to fix it.

What Causes Fractured Pipes?

Why do sewer lines break or collapse? And how can you know the exact cause of the problem you are experiencing with your plumbing? Several key factors put your pipes at greater risk of fracturing.

1. Extreme cold: Colorado’s harsh winter weather can severely affect your water supply pipes. Frozen water expands, increasing pressure throughout the interior of the pipe. The steadily building pressure needs an outlet, so eventually, it bursts directly out of the pipe.

2. Tree root invasion: If you have mature trees on your Aurora or Boulder property, the roots might have entered your plumbing in their incessant quest for moisture and nutrients.

3. Age: In most cases, sewer lines will provide between four to six decades of reliable service, but pipes weaken as they age, creating a higher likelihood of cracking, collapsing, corrosion and separation.

4. Poor maintenance: During routine appointments, a trained professional can spot any problems and attend to them before they become more severe. If you have failed to get your sewer line maintained, the likelihood increases that a minor issue might eventually develop into a situation that causes your pipes to fracture or collapse.

5. Environmental issues: Various factors like weather and seismic activity might cause the earth around your home to shift. These factors will put undue stress on your sewer lines, and ultimately cause your pipes to fracture or break

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Repairing Broken, Cracked and Collapsed Pipes

If you suspect your sewer lines are fractured, call your local experts at Affordable Plumbing & Heat. To determine if your pipes are broken and evaluate the extent of the damage, we will use our high-tech video cameras to complete a thorough inspection of your sewer line. We can assess the exact nature of the problem and determine the best way to repair it. As a plumbing company that specializes in dig-free trenchless solutions, we can rehabilitate and replace problematic pipes without having to excavate them.

  • Pipe lining: For pipes with hairline fractures or other small leaks, we offer a technological innovation called pipe lining. This solution uses a specially formulated epoxy resin that cures to the interior walls of the existing plumbing pipe, creating a damage-resistant new pipeline within the framework of the old one.
  • Pipe bursting: Pipe bursting is a trenchless repair option we can perform in situations where a pipe has completely collapsed. With this method, we shatter the damaged pipe outward using a cone-shaped bursting head, while simultaneously slotting a new pipe into the same space vacated by the original sewer pipe. The entire process takes place almost entirely underground, eliminating the need to dig up and replace the sewer line.

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Plumbing Expertise in Aurora, Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs

If you’re experiencing fractured pipes at your Colorado home, there’s one name to count on when it comes to fixing the issue and getting your plumbing back on the right track. Affordable Plumbing, Heat & Electrical offers quicker turnaround times with minimal property damage. Contact our licensed and experienced team today.