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Pipe Bursting Services in Colorado Springs & Denver Metro Areas

Denver Pipe Bursting Sewer Lines

Our team of specialists and experts at Affordable Plumbing & Heat are trained and certified to perform pipe bursting as a viable, trenchless pipeline repair option in Colorado. Our years of experience and knowledge allow us to be prepared for any problem that we may encounter in residential or commercial pipeline networks.

Affordable Plumbing & Heat is proud to be the go-to plumber in Colorado Springs and Denver Metro Areas, including:

How Pipe Bursting Works Compared To Dig-And-Replace Repairs

Pipe bursting has recently gained traction as a popular, trenchless-based solution for effectively replacing pipes without removing the damaged pipeline itself. In previous repair processes, it was mandatory for the damaged section of the pipeline to be removed and replaced, and to do this, deep trenches needed to be excavated on properties.

This was not only a time-consuming process, but it proved to be incredibly expensive for customers as well. Not only did the repair itself need to be paid for, but the property owner’s landscaping often needed to be accounted for as well, resulting in additional costs to pay for the landscaping crews and the remediation. Pipe bursting eliminates these unsavory components of dig-and-replace repairs, resulting in a sewer line replacement process that is much more effective and shorter to complete.

At Affordable Plumbing & Heat, our experts and residential services in Denver, CO only require a few launching and receiving pits in order to safely install the new pipe through our pipe bursting efforts. Pipe bursting effectively installs a new pipe while getting rid of the old one. The existing pipe is burst or fractured, sending its pieces into the surrounding ground due to a bursting tool that is taken through the pipe. The new pipe is pulled behind the tool and is installed immediately after the bursting. This system does not require the existing pipe to be removed and does not require the need to dig a new hole for the pipe system.

The pipe bursting system is pushed into the old pipe, and the bursting blades and expander begin to work to fracture the old piping system. The new, HDPE pipe is then connected to the expander and taken behind the pipe bursting tool. As the fragments from the old pipe are pushed into the surrounding ground, the new pipe is pulled into position and replaces the former pipe. Once the expander tool is removed, the new pipe will be ready to be set up and used. This system effectively destroys the old lines and lays out the new ones. The tube-bursting tool will then be taken to the next section of the pipe that needs to be burst and the same process will follow for the installation of the new pipe.

residential pipe bursting

When Is Pipe Bursting Used To Fix Pipes In Colorado?

Pipe bursting is a trenchless process recommended for fixing severely damaged pipelines. In most cases, pipes can be relined with epoxy resin and restored. Pipe bursting is an alternative solution to fixing pipes that have collapsed or eroded to the point that pipe lining isn’t a viable option for fixing them. Pipe bursting may be used to replace pipes in a different way, but it offers many benefits for home and business owners across Colorado, including:

A Cheaper Pipeline Replacement Solution

Pipe bursting, because it can be conducted more quickly and without collateral damage, is a more affordable, cost-effective repair option. Traditional dig-and-replace methods leave behind the mess of a destroyed yard and hardscape and the extra costs to clean and repair your land and to remove the old pipes can add up. Damaged lawns and gardens can become very expensive for homeowners and if it is a city repair, it is oftentimes worse since roadways, sidewalks, and soil will also need to be repaired. Pipe bursting is a no-dig solution that does not require the time, money, or hassle trenches cause, bypassing all of these inconveniences in favor of a more streamlined, effective solution.

A Fast Completion Time

Pipe bursting has a quick installation time. With trench plowing sometimes taking weeks to complete, pipe bursting can be started and finished in a single day. Since the new pipe is installed at the same time as the old one is being fractured, there is no need to remove or destroy the old pipe. Productivity is higher on these projects as well since they take less time and are not as labor-intensive as operating the machinery required for trenches is. Jobs will become more accurate since your plumber in Denver, CO will be more focused on the shorter task of the pipe bursting as opposed to months on a trench-based project. It also allows companies to do more with their time, allowing us to charge you less since we will be working fewer hours.

Safe For The Property Owners & Environment

Pipe bursting is safer since asbestos and mold are found in the damp dirt and the less the dirt has to be disturbed, the fewer people are exposed to these dangerous elements, ultimately making it safer for the environment as well. Since it does not involve disposing of the entire old system, it leaves a smaller footprint. It also does not require geological investigations like traditional systems. The soil will not be disturbed much at all due to the minimum digging, so there will not be any complications with settling soil.

residential pipe bursting

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At Affordable Plumbing & Heat, we are proud to offer our services to customers in Colorado. We also offer commercial services in Denver, CO. We are at the forefront of innovative technology and solutions, and pipe bursting is an effective solution that meets the needs of many of the residents and business owners in the community. With our fully-stocked vehicles and certified staff members, we are always ready to meet your requirements with prompt arrival times and professional, courteous, and friendly customer service.

When you need assistance, look no further than Affordable Plumbing & Heat for effective services today. We will be happy to restore your pipes and conduct the work quickly and at a cost-effective price. Contact us today to learn more about our trenchless-based sewer and drain line services, and we will be happy to help you!