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Pipe Bursting Aurora CO

Sewer issues like blocked, leaking, corroded or broken pipes are an inevitable part of life for Aurora property owners. Older buildings are especially vulnerable to sewer line problems because the pipes weaken as they age. In many cases, the original drain pipe has deteriorated to the point of collapse. When this happens, it’s time to replace the drain line.

Underground sewer repairs are an undesirable scenario for many reasons – they’re messy, inconvenient, expensive and cause long-term property damage. Fortunately, digging isn’t the only way to fix your Aurora, CO pipe problems.

Aurora Colorado Pipe Bursting

The Basics of Pipe Bursting

The first, and most crucial, thing to know about pipe bursting is that it is a trenchless plumbing technique. In other words, rather than excavating an entire sewer pipeline to make repairs, Aurora’s experts at Affordable Plumbing, Heat & Electrical can complete the process with minimal digging, avoiding costly damage to landscaping and hardscaping features.

Professional pipe bursting is the method we recommend for replacing damaged, broken or collapsed pipelines without having to excavate and remove them. In pipe bursting, our technicians will intentionally break up the severely damaged sewer line while simultaneously installing a new one. More efficient and safer than traditional pipe repairs, trenchless pipe bursting methods use mechanically applied force and high-grade bursting heads.

Aurora CO Pipe Bursting

How Does Pipe Bursting Work?

To begin the process, trenchless technicians attach a conical expander tool to a replacement pipeline and push it to the broken sewer line through an entry hole. Because the bursting head’s cone shape is wider at its base than the diameter of the damaged pipe, it can shatter its way through the entire length of the existing pipe, pushing the fragments into the surrounding soil.

After fracturing the old pipeline, the replacement HDPE pipe is simultaneously slotted into place in the cavity left behind by the bursting head. By using this technology, we can provide Aurora property owners with a brand-new pipe without having to remove the existing one or dig a long, disruptive trench.

The Advantages of Pipe Bursting

For severely damaged pipes, the pipe bursting technique is superior to traditional pipe replacement. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons this innovative technique can meet your pipe replacement needs more efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Throughout the process, a modern pipe bursting project takes a fraction of the time a traditional dig-and-replace sewer repair takes to complete. Trenchless techniques get plumbing problems resolved and back to normal much sooner than traditional pipe replacement methods.

  • Because trenchless pipe bursting is significantly more efficient than traditional digging replacement, it’s also much safer and less expensive. The trenchless method eliminates the need to dig up the entire pipe, which means Aurora home and business owners don’t get stuck paying extra for labor, or the landscaping repair costs associated with old-fashioned pipe replacement.

  • Another benefit of modern pipe bursting is how environmentally friendly it is. A deep dig can unearth dangerous chemicals and allow them to leach into the air or groundwater, which makes trenchless plumbing better for Mother Nature.

Aurora’s Trenchless Pipe Bursting Specialist

When it comes to high-quality performance and efficient installation, no other sewer line replacement technique comes close to pipe bursting for property owners throughout Aurora. Is trenchless technology the best solution for your damaged pipe problems? Contact Affordable Plumbing today to learn more. We have more than 20 years of experience in the industry, and are well-versed in all the modern tools and technologies of our trade.