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Sewer Camera Inspections Denver, Colorado

If you’re unsure as to what’s causing clogs, leakages, breaks, blockages, or anything else inside your pipes, look forward to your professional and courteous camera inspection performed by your locally owned and operated plumbing company. You can always rely on Affordable Plumbing, Heat & Electrical.

Sewer Camera Inspection Denver CO

Sewer Camera Inspections Denver

Camera inspections utilize an HD, waterproof camera, usually attached to a firm hose that is then inserted into your drain, pipe, or sewer. These HD cameras provide a live feed back to a device- whether that’s a mobile phone, tablet, computer, or other device. This information is recorded and analyzed by a plumbing technician so they can accurately diagnose what’s going on inside your pipes.

Denver Sewer Camera Inspections Affordable Plumbing

What Sewer Camera Inspections Find

Camera inspections have a variety of purposes. They can access your pipes without the need for digging and provide in-depth information on them. Our sewer camera inspections provide Denver home and business owners with a way to have any cracks, leaks, clogs, or corrosion clearly identified before potentially expensive work begins. Camera inspections are minimally invasive and very efficient, reliable, and effective.

Camera inspections can also be used for preventative maintenance. They allow a plumbing technician to not only see the current problem, but also predict future problems based on your pipe’s condition. If a plumbing technician spots a weak joint in your pipes, he may offer CIPP lining versus drain cleaning, because drain cleaning will simply scour out the weak spot and potentially make it fracture, whereas CIPP lining will reinforce the pipe and make it stronger. CIPP is long-lasting, reduces the chance of tree root invasions, corrosion, erosion, and other side effects of bad plumbing, poor installation/construction, or bad piping material.

Denver CO Sewer Pipe Inspections

How Camera Inspections Inform Repairs

The solution for what’s found during your camera inspection all depends on the seriousness of the circumstance. If you have a minimal, small, and easily manageable clog, most likely we will simply offer to clean your drain. If the clog is larger, such as a sediment buildup, waste block, or tree root invasion, we will offer to hydro jet it, which uses highly pressurized water to thoroughly clean your pipes.

If we notice points of breakages, fractures, leaks, or weakness, we may suggest sewer repair. We offer CIPP lining, which uses epoxy to reinforce your pipes, essentially creating a pipe within a pipe. Additionally, we offer pipe bursting, which we offer for more damaged or very weak pipes.

Call Affordable Plumbing for Your Denver Camera Inspection

Affordable Plumbing is a reliable company to work with. We offer discounts and will match or beat competitor coupons and pricing. We offer over the phone, email, or on-site consultations, quotes, and pricing. Additionally, all of our plumbing technicians are background-checked, consistently enrolled in ongoing educational programs in their field, and have all of the equipment necessary to assist you in repairing your Denver home or commercial building’s pipe system.