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Sewer Line Repairs

Have you recently discovered that your sewer line needs to be repaired? You may be stressed! Affordable Plumbing & Heat knows that the idea of excavating your yard or place of business can be very overwhelming.

We have all the equipment necessary to try keep the repairs as affordable as possible.

Sometimes excavation is unavoidable and we are experts in installing brand new sewer lines. Or excavating old lines to replace them with new undamaged pipes.

It’s likely that one or more of the following problems were occurring at your home or business that led you to believe your sewer line is damaged:

Signs of Damages Pipes or Sewer Lines

  • High Water Bill
  • Recurring Clogs in drains
  • Dampness on the walls or in the floors that cannot be explained by spillage.
  • Unpleasant odors

Call us immediately so we can fix the line as soon as possible. Prior to beginning any sewer line repair job, our team of technicians and certified plumbers will inspect your sewer line using a sewer scope video camera. This allows us to determine the exact location of the clog or breakage and the exact cause. Additionally, we are able to let you know if the line that needs to be repaired is your responsibility or the responsibility of your neighbor or the city.

There are several methods we use to repair damaged sewer lines and each job is unique. We evaluate the circumstances and use one of the following methods to repair the damaged pipes and get your home or business back up and running.

 Excavation through an open trench

In this method our team usually arrives at your home or business with a backhoe so we can excavate the damaged pipe. If sewer lines are crumbling and we are not able to use any of our trenchless options then excavation is necessary. We first completely dig up the damaged sewer line, replace it with a new one, and then fill the open trench back up.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Trenchless Repairs 

Trenchless technology to repair a side sewer line allows us to repair your drain and sewer lines without excavating your yard, or driveway. Additionally, trenchless repairs are more cost effective than excavation. With trenchless repair our technicians usually locate a single access point to the sewer line.

There are a few types of trenchless repair methods:

  • Cured in Place Pipelining or CIPP also Called Sewer Pipe Lining Flexible lining material is inserted into the broken, cracked or damaged pipe. It is pulled through and then inflated. Once it is inflated a special epoxy is applied that harden the liner and secures the liner in place. Now the existing pipe is completely repaired without needing to be completely dug up and replaced.
  • Pipe Bursting (Pipebursting)  Pipe bursting is another form of pipe repair that is commonly used when making sewer line repairs, it does not require extreme excavation and can be done without trenches. An animation and complete explanation of the process is available here, Pipebursting to Repair Sewer Lines.