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Summer Plumbing Tips

The kids are out of school and those carefree days of summer are upon us!

This is always a great time of the year to get outside, enjoy the warm weather, and RELAX!

Since the summer months tend to be dryer, it is also a great time to take a little bit of time to perform some preventative maintenance around your house to prevent major plumbing problems. At Affordable Plumbing and Heat we want to help you keep your home in perfect shape whatever the weather so you can save energy, save money and have time to have some fun in the sun.

Washing Machines

  • Washing Machine Hoses: You might find yourself doing more laundry than normal during the summer months.  Inspect your washing machine hoses for bulges, leaks or cracks and always remove drier lint after every load.  Make sure your machine far enough away from the wall to prevent the hose from kinking. A kinked  hose can ultimately lead to cracks and leaks in the hose.  And as tempting as it may be, never leave your home while the washer is running because if there is a leak in the hose you could come home to a flooded water damaged mess. As an extra precaution replace your washing machine hose every three years to avoid a plumbing emergency.

How are the ducts?

Just like people, houses sweat too! In humid weather your duct work may swell up and collect condensation. If your drains are not clear this can cause a back-up in your home.  Leaks in the seams of the duct work can also cause condensation. Take time to inspect your attic installation, make sure there is no water in the drain pan. If there is water, call for help as it could save your ceiling from extensive water damage.

Garbage Disposals

Looking outdoors is lots of fun. And since summer is a tasty time to take advantage of stone fruits, and corn on the cob, remember to be careful not to put those items in the garbage disposal. Standard garbage disposals usually cannot handle corn husks, corn cobs, bones, fruit pits and other stringy trash like banana peels.  Also avoid clogging your pipes with fats and oils as they can collect in your pipes and prevent the sink from draining properly.  Run cold water at full pressure for 15 seconds before and after you put anything down the garbage disposal to ensure that you have flushed out the disposal and the drain. Never put instant stuffing, potato mixes or similar “just-add-water” foods down the drain—they’ll create an instant clog when you add water.

Hot Water Heaters

Maybe you are heading out for vacation. Save yourself some money and turn down the temperature on your water heater. No sense in paying to heat the water while you are away.

Sewer Line Problems

Sewer line backups are common this time of year due to summer rainwater entering sewer pipes via cracks. New tree root growth from the spring can also cause sewer backup issues as roots are drawn toward the sewer line as a source of nutrition. Have us inspect your sewer line pipes to let you know if you are susceptible to a sewer line backup problem or if damage has already occurred. We have video technology that allows us to inspect your sewer line and pinpoint potential back up problems. If we find a problem we can help In either determine the best treatment option for repairing your sewer line.

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