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Tips to Help You Save on Your Winter Heating Bill

Are you tired of paying a small fortune due to heating your home throughout the year? Have you had to sacrifice personal comfort on the coldest days of the year to keep your heating bill manageable? These are unfortunately common issues that many Colorado residents face, but the good news is that there are numerous effective strategies available to keep your home heating cost as reasonable as possible. At Affordable Plumbing and Heat, we offer heating repair in Colorado and other services to make sure you stay comfortable throughout the coldest months of the year.

Importance of Heating During Winter in Colorado

Several feet of snow tend to fall across the state's lower elevations during the long winter season, and this increases dramatically as you venture into the foothills and beyond. The first freeze of the year usually occurs in October, and freezing conditions may extend through April most years. You must have a reliable and affordable source of heat throughout the long winter season in Colorado for your health and safety. When you get in touch with our team, we will make sure that your heater will perform optimally, so you will not have to worry that your heating cost will be higher than usual.

Expected Lifespan of Heating Systems

A residential heating system typically will last for approximately 15 to 20 years. However, this should only be used as a general guideline because numerous factors impact the actual lifespan of your equipment. For example, regular maintenance work and prompt heating repair service can reduce the impact of excessive wear and may promote maximum longevity. On the other hand, failing to take great care of the equipment could result in extensive wear and tear that ultimately shaves months or years off of the heating system’s life. Scheduling prompt heating repair service when needed can also promote superior longevity

Common Heating Problems During the Cold Season

You are rightfully concerned of incurring a high heating cost in your home, but managing your finances while maintaining comfort indoors is only one area of concern. A high heating cost in the winter could indicate repair issues that need your attention. In some cases, your efforts to moderate your home’s heating cost could lead to significant property issues.

Loss of Heat

When warm air escapes your home, the heater must work overtime to meet your needs. Heat loss most commonly occurs through poorly sealed doors and windows, but it can also occur through the roof, walls and even basement when these areas are not properly insulated and sealed.

Noise Coming from the Furnace

Heating repairs should be scheduled as soon as you notice strange sounds coming from the furnace. These noises may indicate a developing issue that requires immediate attention. When heating repair services are not scheduled promptly, your heater may need to work much harder than it may otherwise need to. In the process, it may use more energy and inflate your heating cost.

Inconsistent Temperatures

Uneven heating is problematic in some Colorado homes. It often causes the occupants to make frequent thermostat adjustments, which can drive heating costs upward. An inconsistent temperature may be related to duct damage, poor insulation or other factors. Identifying the cause and addressing the issue can help you to maintain your home’s temperature at a reasonable and cost-effective setting.

Dirty Filters

Your heater exerts necessary force to expel heated air through the vents and to keep the entire home warm and comfortable. Air filters trap particles and help to keep your equipment clean. They also promote indoor air quality. When these filters are dirty, air cannot easily pass through them, and the equipment must work harder than necessary. This can drive up heating costs considerably.

Malfunctioning Heat Pump

Your equipment’s heat pump can wear out over time. When this happens, lukewarm or cool air may blow through the vents even when the heater is on. As the temperature will not reach the desired level established by the thermostat, the heater will continue to run and will increase your home’s heating cost in the process.

Frozen Pipes

Some Colorado residents try to moderate energy consumption to keep their energy bills as low as possible throughout the year. If you lower the thermostat to a very low setting when you are sure to be away from the house or when you are using a space heater in one area of the home, the pipes in your walls may be more likely to freeze. This is because indirect heat from the interior of the home is not doing its part to maintain the water temperature in the pipes at a desired level.

Broken Thermostat

A broken thermostat can cause heat control issues in the home, and eventually lead to high heating cost. For example, some thermostat issues may lead to the heater running nonstop or cycling frequently. These are some of the thermostat issues that could increase your home’s heating cost unnecessarily and inadvertently. Some thermostat issues are resolved by simply replacing the battery, or the entire unit may need to be replaced.

Signs Your Heating is in Need of Repair or Replacement

Generally, you need to schedule heating repair service if you notice any unusual sounds coming from the equipment or if it does not meet your heating needs. Heating repair work may also be needed if your energy bills are suddenly higher than normal for no apparent reason. In many cases, local homeowners will decide to install a new heater rather than to pay for expensive repairs on an older system that may not have much life in it. You may also replace your heater before this point if you want to upgrade to an energy-efficient model to save on your heating cost.

Tips to Help You Save on Your Heating Bill During Winter

Replacing your older heater with a more energy-efficient model is one way to keep your home heating cost as low as possible. There are many solutions that you can implement as well, and these may be combined for more significant results.

  • Check Your Boiler

Many homes in Colorado have a boiler heating system. This type of equipment may need to be repaired or maintained regularly to function with superior efficiency. Affordable Plumbing and Heat provides maintenance and inspection services, which make it easy for homeowners to determine if repairs need to be completed.

  • Inspect the Radiators

Some local homes are heated by steam or electric radiators, and these use varying amounts of energy. As is the case with other types of heating equipment, their efficiency can be impacted by damaged or dirty components and other factors. If your visual observation of the radiator heater does not reveal vital information regarding its care needs, consult with our heating system expert.

  • Know the Basics of Proper Maintenance

An excellent way to keep heating repairs at bay and to manage energy costs is to keep your system well-maintained at all times. Changing the air filters is among the easiest maintenance steps that you can take, but it is also easy to forget about. When your air filters are clean, the heating system can operate more efficiently and may use less energy as a result.

  • Schedule Routine Professional Inspection

Annual heating system maintenance is important for superior energy efficiency. Maintenance service involves cleaning filthy areas and identifying repair concerns that require attention. Through these steps, your home’s heating costs could be reduced significantly.

  • Monitor the Pressure

Air ducts are easily damaged, and damaged ducts often lead to uneven heating and high heating costs. You may view some air ducts in your attic, but you generally cannot easily see the entire length of ducts throughout the home. By monitoring air pressure from each duct, you can determine if heating repair service for damaged ducts is advisable.

  • Have It Serviced, If Necessary

Some Colorado homeowners believe that they will save money by putting off heating repair services for another day or even until next season. However, this strategy may actually cost money. Heating repair issues place excess strain on other heater components, and this could result in additional repair issues or a full breakdown. In addition, unaddressed repair issues may cause the equipment to run more frequently or for longer periods of time. In the process, it will result in higher heating costs.

  • Close All Curtains

Winters can be cold, gray and dismal, so you understandably may want to open the curtains and let in as much sunlight as possible. However, your curtains play an important insulating role. When the curtains are closed, another layer of insulation is covering a vulnerable area of your home’s exterior shell. An alternative to closing the curtains is to invest in energy-efficient windows.

  • Consider Insulating Your Home

Many homeowners do not realize that insulation needs to be replaced periodically. Fiberglass insulation is common in local homes, and it can slouch down in the walls over time and leave them partially vulnerable. Insulation may be damaged by water, pests and other forces as well. Even if the insulation in your home is still in good condition, it may not have the superior properties that upgraded insulation may have. Insulating your home could play a major rule in reducing your heating cost.

  • Decide on a Set Temperature

Each fall, you should adjust the settings on your programmable thermostat. By choosing a lower setting, you can remain comfortable indoors while reducing energy consumption. Rather than shut the system off entirely when you leave, choose a setting that is a few degrees lower than what you prefer when you are at home. This way, your pipes are protected, and you are still saving money.

Our Range of Services for Your HVAC System

Affordable Plumbing and Heat is your trusted source for all of your home heating repair, maintenance, and installation needs. If you are concerned about your monthly heating cost at home, we can complete maintenance service to improve the equipment’s energy efficiency. At the same time, we can inspect your heater to determine if underlying issues need to be repaired. Your heater will not improve on its own. In fact, small issues that are driving heating costs upward today may become increasingly problematic and costly going forward.

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Our experienced team at Affordable Plumbing and Heat is ready to serve you. For a consultation and heating repair or maintenance service, contact us today by calling us or filling out our online form.

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