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Tips to Lower Your Heating Cost

Tips to Lower Your Heating Cost

At Affordable Plumbing and Heat, we want to make sure that you do not break the bank during some of Colorado’s coldest months. Keeping heating costs under control is a big concern for many people, whether it be homeowners, business owners, or even public agencies like schools and government facilities. There are many reasons why lowering heating cost is such a high priority for Colorado residents which is why our company specializes in heating in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas.

Reasons to Lower Heating Costs

A major motivation is to cut costs, as no one wants to incur higher energy bills. With soaring energy prices for all kinds of fuel, from natural gas to coal-fired electricity, the per-unit rate for a BTU of climate control is higher and more volatile than ever.

For others, carbon footprint is a main topic of conversation. Many are focusing on the global ecological impact of what they do, so keeping heating costs tightly in check is just as important as maximizing fuel economy in their car or buying organic food. As everyone is starting to focus on lower energy consumption, another concern is the harsh Colorado winter.

What it essentially boils down to is how can you keep your heating costs at bay without compromising your comfort? Fortunately, it's not as difficult as it sounds. Here are some simple things you can put to work right away to start lowering your energy consumption and your home’s heating cost.

Schedule Maintenance to Enjoy Lower Heating Cost in Denver and Colorado Springs

If your heating system has ever experienced breaking down during the middle of winter, you know what an inconvenience or even dangerous situation it can be. Most heating problems happen without warning, but there are ways to prevent them from occurring. One way to achieve this is by adhering to a good maintenance program for your heating system.

The best time to call Affordable Plumbing and Heat to work on your heating unit is before there is a problem. Have us come and familiarize ourselves with your system, especially if someone else installed it. Let us clean, inspect, and service the entire system, so we can detect if there are parts that could experience potential problems and replace them if necessary. A few parts can be the source of inefficiency in your system, so we'll check all the key components and make sure you're well-prepared for winter.

Once we are done, take charge of scheduling annual maintenance with our team for your home heating system. We will replace any filter when necessary. The more dust that your system has to push air through, the more energy it will use. Clean filters can reduce energy consumption and system wear significantly. Schedule routine maintenance with our team on a date you can easily remember, so you can keep your heating system in good condition.

Manage Your Thermostat

For many homeowners, their interaction with the thermostat consists of checking the temperature and adjusting it based on their heating and cooling preferences. The most energy-efficient strategies for home heating are much different than simply checking your thermostat.

First, try to adapt yourself to a set temperature that you could feel comfortable with during the winter months. Plan your thermostat's use for the day just as you would plan your own. If you prefer a different temperature during the day or night, be sure to check the frequency you are changing your thermostat. Frequent adjustments in temperature may cause increase your heating costs.

You can also lower the temperature as everyone leaves for the day. There is no need to run the heat excessively in an empty house, so drop it a few degrees when almost everyone will be gone for the day. Raise it gradually so that your system will not get overworked.

Make the Most of Natural Heat

The best heat is natural heat, which can be easy to benefit from if you are mindful of what to do. As soon as you get up each day, open all the blinds and curtains in every room. The sun will make you feel awake and alert, as well as help you save money. When you allow your blinds to be open, the sun naturally warms your space it gives your heater a break and to help maintain the warmth within your home. With Colorado’s high elevation, the sun is stronger which makes this an effective way to utilize natural heat. You can cut out all the extra steps and warm your home by simply letting the sunlight come directly inside and provide free warmth on sunny winter days.

Manage Every Room

Every cubic foot of living space that requires home heating is an additional cost on your energy bill. Almost every home, business, or office has rooms that are rarely used. At home, it can be a guest room or an extra space. Nonetheless, it does not need to be as warm as the rest of the house when nobody is in it.

Close off any space that is not in use, as well as the vents inside those rooms. When you close off vents, it will allow your most important spaces to use the hot air being produced instead of areas that you are not utilizing. The few exceptions to this rule are when the thermostat is in the room. As long as it is located elsewhere, your unused room can quickly become a few hundred cubic feet that will not require your heating unit’s service.

Decide If You Should Be Honest With Your Thermostat

You control your home heating through your thermostat, which measures the room’s temperature and activates the heat when it reaches a trigger point below the temperature you've chosen. If the thermostat is in the only occupied room, perhaps a living room where everyone gathers before bed, you can choose to operate a heater in just that area. It will help keep you at a comfortable temperature without heating up the empty rooms elsewhere on that system.

This tip will not work if the bedrooms are in the same unit because it will allow them to get cold. A larger home that may have one unit for the first floor and another for upstairs is a good candidate for this. Just be sure to turn the thermostat down when you shut off the space heater, or else its heat will quickly dissipate into the unused rooms and trigger the thermostat.

Conversely, the rooms located further from the thermostat can be more comfortable if you leave the system fan running. This will make sure that the cold air you are sensing in one room is picked up by the thermostat in another. You will also find a much more even temperature throughout the home which can lower heating costs.

Landscape for Warmth

Having a lower heating cost is a long-term goal, so some long-term strategies can often be beneficial. You can consider caulking windows and checking door sweeps that let outside air in as well as check the exterior of your home to optimize energy efficiency and monitor heating costs.

We noted the value of natural heat before but you can sometimes interfere with this by landscaping improperly. The evergreens in Colorado can provide some fantastic shade along with their snow-laden beauty in the winter. However, that full coverage makes them a major barrier to sunlight in the winter.

We will never recommend cutting an established tree just to save on heating costs, but if you are replacing a dead or damaged evergreen, or simply planting a tree for the first time, consider a more practical option. It will still give you all the summer cooling but will drop its leaves in time to reap the benefits of the wintertime sun.

For those evergreens that you do have at your home, think about planting them in strategic locations. Situate them so that their adult size won't cast unwanted shade on your house, allowing you to benefit from any wintertime warmth you can get.

Let Affordable Plumbing and Heat Help You Lower Your Heating Costs Today

Our team at Affordable Plumbing and Heat want to help you save on your heating costs. Home heating is one area where it is important for Colorado residents to save money. Tight budgets, soaring energy costs, and the desire to help the environment are all great reasons to try to cut back. If you are looking for options on how to have lower energy bills, you don't have to wear a parka to bed or stand guard over the doors. It is easy to implement the suggestions we've presented here. They will save you money, not just on your energy costs but on the upkeep of your heating system.

Best of all, these tips to lower your heating costs are easy to sustain. Most of these ideas are one-off tasks or easy habits to develop. There is no stress involved in putting them into action, and we are always here to help you. Get started now on getting closer to having lower heating costs so that you will be ready when the winter months arrive.

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