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Tips to Make Sure Your Boiler is Ready for Winter

What does a boiler do? In layman’s terms, a boiler creates steam for your home that can then be used to serve different purposes. The most popular purpose is heating up the air in your home to keep you warm during winter. Boilers can also be used to warm up the water that comes out of your faucets and shower. As you can see, boilers play an indispensable role during Colorado’s long, frigid winters. Let Affordable Plumbing and Heat guide you on why boilers are important and how boiler installation in Denver, CO, can help you keep your heating cost in check. We will also provide you a few tips on making sure your boiler is prepared to take on the cold season.

The Vital Parts of Your Heating System

A boiler system uses combustion to heat up water into steam. That steam then travels through a heating system to warm up the air and water inside a building. When we come in for your boiler installation, we will note that boilers come in different designs, but they all have four vital parts in common. These parts include the burner, the combustion chamber, and the heat exchanger.

The burner starts the combustion process within the boiler, the combustion chamber is where the fuel is burned, while the heat exchanger is where the boiling water is pumped through pipes to a heater or radiator.

The Expected Lifespan of Your Boiler

Different types of boilers have specific lifespans. Traditional gas boilers can last anywhere from 10 to 25 years, as long as it’s properly maintained. Electricity-powered boilers don’t last quite as long; you can expect between 8 and 10 years of service.

What shortens the lifespan of your boiler? The main culprit is improper maintenance. After the boiler installation, the unit should be professionally inspected and maintained once a year. There are also some maintenance tasks that every homeowner should keep in mind. We’ll be sure to discuss this with you thoroughly when we are done with your boiler replacement or installation.

One of the biggest threats to your boiler is corrosion. When components inside the boiler corrode, it won’t function as well and may even require heating repair. If the corrosion gets bad enough, you’ll have to have a boiler replacement. Keep an eye on pressure levels as well. High pressure can lead to wear-and-tear will not only damage your boiler but can also destroy your hot water system.

The Importance of Your Boiler during Winter

Staying warm is probably at the top of your mind, but boilers offer many benefits beyond just that. Did you know that boilers will also lower your energy bills? Boilers are highly efficient because they’re able to heat both air and water using one system — this differs from traditional systems, which rely on a separate furnace and hot water tank.

Here are a few key ways that boilers benefit your home:

  • Lower heating cost: high-efficiency boilers heat your home’s air and water using less energy than traditional systems.
  • Clean air: HVAC systems draw in air from the outdoors, along with pollen, dust, mold spores, pollutants, and other allergens. Boilers warm up the air that’s already in your home, so they don’t bring in dirty air from the outdoors.
  • User-friendly controls: Boiler systems can be integrated with your programmable thermostat, so setting the temperature is simple and convenient.
  • Quiet operation: Boilers are quieter than noisy air conditioners and furnaces.

Signs You Need to Have Your Boiler Checked

Like any other kind of complex piece of machinery, boilers sometimes run into mechanical issues that require heating repair or even boiler replacement. Fortunately, these issues are usually pretty easy to spot if you know what to check. Keep an eye out if they won’t turn on, which is a sign of blocked air supply or clogged filter. You will need to notice if there are any unusual noises, such as popping, buzzing, or whining. These are signs that the pumps need servicing and may call for boiler repair. Leaks and drips can also lead to corrosion and other harmful side-effects. You may also notice reduced output, as less heat means cleaning or heating repair may be necessary. An unusually high heating cost is a sign that the system is working harder for reduced heat output. If you sense a strange metallic odor, take note that this is an indication of fuel leak or carbon monoxide leak. Carbon monoxide leaks are a red flag that the boiler isn’t venting properly and may require boiler repair or replacement.

Common Issues that Affect Boilers

Boilers periodically run into problems that reduce their ability to keep your home comfortable. When this happens, you need professional heating repair. Some issues are much more common than others, so it benefits homeowners to be able to recognize a problem quickly. As soon as you realize something’s amiss, give us a call and we’ll make a professional diagnosis and boiler repair.

Here are some of the most common issues:

  • No longer making heat or hot water
  • Thermostat issues
  • Pilot light went out
  • Pressure loss
  • Broken pump seal or pressure valve
  • Boiler turns off by itself
  • Frozen condensate pipe
  • High heating cost

When you notice these problems, be sure to contact Affordable Plumbing and Heat right away. You can be sure that our team will check it thoroughly and recommend the appropriate solution, whether it is boiler repair or a complete boiler replacement.

Indications That There Is A Problem

Now that you’re familiar with common boiler issues, let’s take a look at indications that something is wrong. Knowing what to look for will give you a chance to call a heating repair technician before the damage worsens.

If you’ve recently noticed that your house or certain rooms within your house are colder than usual, this could be a sign that boiler trouble is on the way. In addition, boilers should be fairly quiet during operation. If the boiler sounds like its gurgling or whistling, it may have low water levels or air trapped in the system.A healthy boiler should never smell like exhaust. This could be a sign that your boiler isn’t venting through the chimney properly, leading to a build-up of carbon monoxide. This is a dangerous situation and requires immediate heating repair.

Top Tips on Boiler Maintenance in Colorado

If your goal is to have a reliable, efficient boiler in your home, then boiler maintenance is an absolute must. Scheduling regular maintenance can put off costly boiler repair and boiler replacement. Plus, a well-maintained boiler lowers your monthly heating cost. Take a look at these important boiler maintenance tips:

Inspect vents for blockages:

Blocked air vents are fairly common, and they prevent your boiler from working efficiently. To avoid blockages, you should inspect the vents during the fall for dirt and debris. If you find a block, you can simply clear it to restore airflow.

Check the water level:

The water level inside your boiler should never be below the minimum. When a boiler doesn’t have adequate water, it can damage the system beyond heating repair. Worse, it may even pose a hazard to your home and family.

Lubricate boiler parts:

Boilers are filled with moving parts, and these parts need to be lubricated for smooth operation. Lubricate the machine during the fall to keep it running smoothly throughout the winter. Be generous with the fan and pumps.

De-scale to remove minerals:

The water moving through your boiler can leave behind mineral deposits. This is especially problematic in hard-water areas. To keep your boiler from getting jammed up with minerals, apply a de-scaler.

Clear away dust:

Dust inside the boiler room can make its way into the boiler system via the fan. Keep the boiler area free of dust and debris.

Flush out old water:

Flushing the boiler a few times of year helps keep the internal components clean. The boiler’s interior has a tendency to accumulate lime-scale, grit, and debris, but flushing it will clear that away.


Annual boiler inspection is key to keeping your boiler productive and efficient. For over 20 years, Affordable Plumbing and Heat has conducted thorough inspections of boilers throughout Denver and Colorado Springs. Our checklist includes inspecting the valves, piping, tanks, and more. Inspecting the boiler regularly is the only way to gauge its health and condition from year to year, so it’s important to keep up with routine inspections before it necessitates boiler repair or replacement.

Early Prevention

Preventative maintenance is key to avoiding serious boiler problems and costly heating repair. By the time you notice something is wrong, chances are the damage is at a point where boiler repair is necessary. This is why it’s important not to skip annual inspections. When we conduct a yearly inspection, we’ll run through a thorough checklist to uncover potential problems. As soon as we realize trouble is brewing, we can make minor heating repair to prevent the issue from worsening.

Annual Professional Service

To keep your boiler in good shape, we recommend having it checked annually by our boiler technicians. This will enhance your boiler’s efficiency and safety, in addition to giving us a chance to spot any potential problems before they worsen. If need, we will also conduct boiler repair or even boiler replacement immediately.

Our Comprehensive Range of Boiler Services

Affordable Plumbing and Heat provides high-quality boiler installation to customers in Denver and Colorado Springs. Whether you need a boiler for a new construction project or you’re swapping your inefficient HVAC system for a boiler, we have what you need. We offer both gas-powered and electric boiler installation from some of the nation’s top brands.

Your boiler will periodically need some TLC to keep it running through the long winters in the Front Range. During our 20 years in business, we’ve fixed nearly every boiler issue there is. From pressure issues to leaks and more, our licensed technicians will accurately diagnose the problem and make long-lasting boiler repair solutions.

It’s true that well-maintained boilers can last decades, but even the best boilers will eventually need to be replaced. We offer fast, affordable boiler replacement services. Our specialists will help you choose the right boiler for your home, whether it’s a newer version of the same model or a cutting-edge, high-efficiency model.

Schedule an Appointment with Affordable Plumbing and Heat

A professional boiler installation is a great way to keep your boiler in top condition for years to come. When you work with Affordable Plumbing and Heat, you can look forward to working with licensed technicians who truly know everything about boiler installation, boiler repair, and boiler replacement in Denver and Colorado Springs.

Whether you need a brand-new boiler installation or service for an existing boiler, we’re here to help. Our team works quickly and efficiently to take care of all your boiler repair needs. Our technicians are licensed and trained, so you can feel confident that they’ll make heating repairs according to industry standards. Plus, we’ll do it all without making a huge dent in your wallet!

As a locally-owned business, our goal is to help you enjoy uninterrupted heating throughout the cold seasons in Denver. Our routine inspection and maintenance services will keep your boiler running all year long and minimize the risk of emergencies and costly heating repair.

We’re proud of our track record for providing high-quality boiler repair and boiler installation. We care about the satisfaction of our customers, which is why we’ve received many positive reviews over the years. Take a look at our website to learn more. Give us a call to experience first-hand why our customers keep coming back to us for reliable and lasting boiler solutions.

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