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Top 6 DIY Plumbing Mistakes

1. Overusing Drain Cleaner

It might be called by the trade name Liquid Plumber, but  using drain cleaner for all your clogged pipes is not a replacement for a professional plumber. Too much drain cleaner can corrode your pipes. Be especially cautious if you have been using drain cleaner repeatedly for the same toilet or sink. This can be a sign there is a larger problem that needs to be attended to by a professional plumber.

2. Ignoring Building Codes

Codes are in place for a reason and it is usually to protect homeowners from installing dangerous plumbing or electrical work that can lead to fires or floods. Know your city, state and federal codes before you attempt any DIY plumbing project.

3. Misfit pipes

Trying to fit two pipes together that are not the same material and/or have different threads is a very common DIY error. You need to have the proper connectors whenever you are connecting two pieces of pipe together. It doesn’t matter if the connecter appears to hold the pipes in place perfectly. If the two pieces are not of the same material, one can corrode the other and cause a leak. This can be a very confusing and is an often overlooked aspect of DIY plumbing. There are many types of pipes and fittings on the market, not all of them work together. When in doubt call a professional.

4. Not calling in a professional when you are in over your head. 

This one doesn’t require a lot of explanation. Needless to say, trying to be a hero when attempting home repair can actually end up costing you more in the end.

5. Failing to turn off the water before starting a plumbing project or repair.

This is critically important so that you can work without flooding your work space. It is the first thing you should do before attempting any DIY plumbing.

6. Failing to make sure that your outdoor hoses are not connected to a water supply in the winter.

If you can also turn off the spigot too. Doing this before the ground freezes can help you avoid burst pipes and potentially costly flooding to your home.

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