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Top 10 Furnace Problems and DIY Tips

Our business is to make sure your heating and cooling systems are running smoothly.  We want to be your preferred service provider. We also want to save you money, we can do this by keeping you educated about simple ways to keep your home running smoothly and efficiently.  Nothing is more frustrating than paying a professional to fix a problem in your home when you could have easily done it yourself.

Next time your furnace is not working properly, review these simple tips.

Check the Filter

  • Dirty air filters are the main reason that furnaces stop working and it is the easiest problem to fix.  Dirty air filters cause the furnace to overheat and stop working.  Simply purchase a new filter at your local hardware store. Installing the filter is very simple. You may need to reset your furnace once the new filter is installed. Also make sure the door covering the filter is closed correctly, if it is not the furnace may not power up. If the furnace does not work properly after replacing the filter, resetting and closing the door cover, then give us a call and we can take a look.

Inspect your registers

  • Maybe during warmer stretches you closed several registers in your home. If too many registers are closed, then heat can build up in the furnace and cause it to stop working.  It makes sense to close some registers in rooms that aren’t often used so you can save energy costs but if too many are closed the furnace will not work. Try opening a few to see if the furnace starts working again.

Is the furnace on?

  • We know it seems so obvious, but wouldn’t it be embarrassing to know that you could have avoided a service fee from a technician if you had just checked to make sure the unit was on?

  • Not sure how to make sure your furnace is on? Check the main circuit breaker or electrical panel in your home. It may be in the garage or basement or near your washer and dryer? Find the breaker or circuit marked heater and make sure it is in the “ON” position.

  • Next go to where your furnace is located, you should see a switch nearby, also make sure this is on.

Check the Thermostat

  • Locate your thermostat and make sure it is set to “HEAT” If it is not then the furnace will never kick on. Decide the ideal temperature for your home, set your thermostat to that temperature and then wait for the furnace to kick on.  Simple steps to save you money.

Check the batteries on the Thermostat

  • If the batteries are low or dead the thermostat can’t function and therefore cannot tell the furnace to turn on.  Open the cover and change the batteries. This is something you can do 2X per year when you replace the batteries in your smoke detectors too.

Was there recently a power surge or a blown fuse? If so your furnace may have powered down as a result. Check the circuit breaker or electrical panel.  Keep in mind that some furnaces have their own dedicated electrical panel, it should be clearly marked and all you have to do is locate the panel and turn it on.

  • Gas Furnaces have a pilot light. If the pilot light is not lit the furnace won’t work. Simply re-light the pilot light and the furnace will start working again. Here is a video to show you how.

How to Light a Pilot Light

Snow and Ice may be blocking the vent

  • Your furnace has a vent to the outside. In a heavy snow storm the snow can block the vent and cause the furnace to stop working. Make sure your vent is clear of all snow, ice, and any other debris.

Make sure the blower fan is ON.

  • If your furnace has a blower fan, make sure it is ON. Like any other switch it can accidentally get switched off.

Perform a yearly inspection

  • Just before cold weather is about to hit, take the time to inspect your furnace and thermostat for all of the above issues so you can catch any issues before the furnace stops working.

Gas Furnace

Gas Furnace Diagram

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