Four quick, easy, and affordable solutions to warming a cold room

Need a warm room immediately? As a homeowner, we know all about that one room (and there always seems to be one room!) that just won’t get warm. You keep turning up the thermostat but that room is determined to be a cold room and not a warm room. Are you tired of waking up to cold feet, and endless shivering. Wake up on the right side of the bed as you reach for your coffee and shoes knowing that every room in your home is warm and comfortable

We completely understand the need for heat efficiency. While the weather outside may be changing from minute to minute, dealing with heating your home doesn’t need to be that unpredictable. We have put together a few easy and affordable fixes that can help warm up your cold rooms in no time.


4 Easy Tips to Warm A Cold Room

  1. Are your dampers open? Step one to improved airflow to the registers of your rooms involves looking along the duct that leads to your furnace. Locate the lever and pull it parallel to the ductwork. After this, check the registers to see if airflow improved.
  2. Are your registers blocked? The part of your HVAC system that maintains the airflow throughout a room is called a register. Often times, the registers get blocked by furniture, rugs, or carpets, which can cause dramatically reduced airflow and affect the room temperature. Make sure your registers are clear and clean for smoother air flow.
  3. Are your radiators clear? Covering up or blocking your radiator can seriously lower the effectiveness of your equipment. Radiators work well only when they are properly ventilated, letting the air flow freely around the heater and thusly allowing warm air to circulate throughout the room. Look to see you haven’t thrown clothes over it or moved a piece of furniture too close.
  4. Have you changed your furnace filter? When should you change your furnace filter, you ask? Every year is an excellent goal for changing out a dirty filter. There are numerous drawbacks to having a dirty filter in your system, including blocked or restricted air flow to the registers, as well as spewing pet dander, hair, mites, mold spores, and so much more throughout your home. A new filter for your heating system is a wise and cost-effective measure, ensuring health and comfort for the next year to come.

Still Not Warm? The Experts Are Hear to Help

Have you tried these tips and are still having heating issues? We have answers for you, just give us a call at (719) 471-0713. Your Affordable Plumbing & Heat specialist is waiting to help you target your heating issues, and offer you affordable solutions that keep you out of the cold!