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Water Heater Replacement Tips

A water heater rarely causes a great deal of trouble, but when it decides to go, it can be without much warning. The need for water heater replacement is never more apparent than having the repair costs exceed the value of the appliance. If the performance drops off, it doesn't make sense to stick with the same unit. Affordable Plumbing and Heat offers these tips on checking traditional water heaters in Denver, CO, and if they are in need of a replacement.

Make the Process Easier by Following Water Heater Replacement Tips

Getting the right information can help you make the best decision on whether you need to repair or replace this valued appliance. Not every problem warrants a quick replacement, but there are times when nothing less will work. The first thing you need to verify is whether the appliance is getting the energy it needs to be powered or not at all. Has your gas or electric service been interrupted? Is there a breaker that can be turned back on? As simple as these seem, it can potentially be the entire source of the problem.

Understand Your Hot Water Needs

The entire state of Colorado is teeming with outdoor activities. The general demands of life require showers, baths, brushing teeth, washing clothes, doing dishes, and a myriad of other activities that revolve around the use of hot water in the home. Our technicians at Affordable Plumbing and Heat know that problems with the appliance that heats your water can make life more difficult. No one wants to take a cold shower in the middle of winter. It's impossible to soak sore and tired muscles when the tub water is too cold to use. You will want your hot water heater restored quickly.

Check for Typical Problems With Traditional Water Heaters

All sorts of troubles can crop up with your water heating appliance. Most traditional water heaters will give you a few good years of service and then begin to decline in performance and efficiency. The more regular you have professionals like Affordable Plumbing and Heat service the unit, the longer it will last. A few of the more typical problems are:

See if You are Experiencing a Diminished Hot Water Supply

Noticing a reduced amount of hot water availability can indicate several problems. It might be that your hot water usage has increased over the years, and your appliance is no longer big enough to accommodate the need. It can also mean a large amount of sediment has built up within the holding tank.

Consult Our Team if You Hear Strange Sounds From the Holding Tank

Gurgling, hissing, rubbing, and knocking sounds can all be signs of pressure problems or high levels of sediment in the tank. Consult us right away and we will be sure to send a technician to inspect the tank and clean out the build-up of limescale and minerals.

Check if You Notice Any of These Common Problems

You may have a problem with the pilot assembly or the gas heating unit if you have no hot water is generated. Have a professional service check and find the source of the problem. A gas leak is also never a good thing. Turn off the gas supply and exit the premises. Call in our professional team to inspect for any sign and source of leak right away.

Not getting any hot water from your electric appliance can signal a severe electrical issue or the death of your water heater. It could also be a failure of the heating element. Our technicians can find the problem quickly and provide you with the best repair or replacement options.

Not having enough water could mean there's a leak somewhere in your hot water lines or that your usage is higher than you realize. For bigger homes with more than one bathroom, this can mean a more difficult time if you are relying on a single water heater. The hot water can cool before it reaches the final destination. We may recommend adding another water heater for a more even distribution.

Know the Age When It Is Time to Replace Traditional Water Heaters

Most traditional water heaters are designed to provide maximum value for up to a decade. Anything past this would be considered a plus. Soon, you may begin to notice problems that will require some repairs or a loss of efficiency and heating capabilities. As with any household appliance, a significant decline in performance from age is an excellent reason to seek a replacement. Once you see the first sign of poor performance, be sure to contact Affordable Plumbing and Heat right away.

Get in Touch with Us When Dealing with Leaking Water Heaters

Leaking water heaters can be a disaster, as these can lead from water damage to mold infestation. Your nose can sometimes clue you into smaller leaks when the appliance is in a smaller, confined space. Water leaking from water connections, the pressure valve, or areas of corrosion on the tank are also telltale signs. Serious leaks typically mean it's time to get the unit replaced by our team at Affordable Plumbing and Heat.

Let Us Check for Typical Problems With Tankless Water Heaters

Many people choose tankless water heaters for the convenience of nearly immediate access to hot water from the tap. As nifty as these units are, you can still experience a problem now and again. A few of the more common problems our team Affordable Plumbing and Heat will look out for include:

  • Not Enough Hot Water

    Too much hot water usage during a short amount of time can deplete what the water heater produces at any given time. Begin spacing out use, especially for multiple showers or showers and laundry.

  • No Flame or Inconsistent Flaming

    You may have a problem with your gas service, lines, or the appliance if it produces no flame or low flame for the demand.

  • Improper or Blocked Vent

    The vent pipe for your tankless system has to be connected appropriately. The appliance will malfunction and give you an error code if the vent is problematic.

  • Cold Water Surprises

    The difference between a tankless and standard water heater is the sudden burst of cold water you can experience between uses. A certain amount of hot water will stay in the lines. You can expect the hot water to be uniform, but the brief period it takes to warm more water will leave you with a burst of unexpected cold water. All you can do is allow the tap enough time to run and bring more hot water.

  • Mineral Build-Up

    As with any appliance that deals with water flowing through, minerals and sediment in the water can build-up and begin to restrict the flow of hot water. Our service technicians can flush the lines and get it working correctly again, so be sure to schedule a consultation with our team right away.

Replace Your Tankless Water Heaters When It Is Due

Deciding to replace tankless water heaters should be based on age, performance, and whether your system is big enough to offer the necessary hot water capacity. Complete breakdowns, high maintenance costs, and ineffective water heating are all excellent reasons to change the old for a newer appliance.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency With Newer Water Heaters

It may be hard to pinpoint when water heaters begin to lose efficiency, but performance is one indication of the poor condition of your appliance. If your water heater is having to fire up more often and offers less hot water, that is a sign of reduced efficiency. If the hot water usage stays the same and the tank no longer keeps the water warm for long periods, it's time to consider replacing the unit.

Increase Your Hot Water Capacity With a Larger Appliance

Your hot water demands can drastically change over time when families grow, or additional bathrooms are put in during a remodel. It can be frustrating not to have access to the hot water you and your family need. It's prudent and sensible to consider switching out your old water heater with one that gives you the hot water you need at all times.

Changing Multiple Aging Units Simultaneously Can Be Advisable

Homes with more than one water heater are looking at bigger issues if they decide to develop problems at the same time. If the units are beyond 10 years of age and are already exhibiting signs of problems, it's best to replace both right away. We can help you find the most affordable replacements that offer warranties and energy efficiency.

Seek Professional Water Heater Replacement in Denver and Colorado Springs, CO

Fixing or replacing a water heater is not a job you want to tackle as a do-it-yourself project. It often requires special tools and knowledge to get it done right. The hot water is often under pressure, and it can be dangerous to attempt the project without training and experience.

With our team at Affordable Plumbing and Heat, you can be sure that we will replace your water heater quickly, safely, and affordably. Contact us all of your water heater repair and water heater replacement needs today. We sell and service most national brands at budget-friendly prices.

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