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What Makes Pipe Bursting a Good Choice?

Some types of sewer line damage are easily repaired via standard excavation or trenchless repair techniques, but other issues require an advanced solution. The team at Affordable Plumbing & Heat is equipped to provide pipe bursting as a part of our overall plumbing services in Aurora, CO, and we offer the following guidance on when a property owner should consider hiring us to implement this modern pipe repair technology.

In Case of Extensively Damaged or Outsized Piping

If a pipeline has settled to the point where water backs up inside of it or if an existing pipe is too small for its intended usage, regular trenchless plumbing repairs in Aurora, CO will not be effective. Pipe bursting offers a way to completely replace a damaged or outsized pipe with a new line that’s the correct size and that follows the proper gradient.

If There’s a Lack of Surface Access

In heavily developed or historically sensitive areas, excavating and replacing an entire pipeline can cause significant damage to the ground surface and nearby structures. Our plumbing company in Aurora, CO provides pipe bursting as a minimally invasive alternative to traditional pipe replacement.

Time and Money Considerations

In many cases, pipe bursting is less time-consuming and more cost-effective than emergency plumbing in Aurora, CO. Our process has been refined so that we’re able to set up and perform our work quickly, and there’s generally little to no landscaping or hardscaping replacement required when the job is through.

Contact Us for More Information

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about pipe bursting or our other plumbing services. Call Affordable Plumbing & Heat to speak with a knowledgeable plumber in Aurora, CO today. We’ll schedule an appointment to consult with you at your location right away.